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Metal Revolution could be the phoenix to arise from Rising Thunder's ashes with a hint of Killer Instinct sprinkled in

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 29, 2018 at 6:01 a.m. PST • Comments: 38

Rising Thunder was quite the experiment for the fighting game community that looked to combine the high-level mind games associated with the genre with easier controls which must have been at least seen to have potential since its developer, Radiant Entertainment, was purchased by Riot Games.

Chinese developers NEXT Studios appear to be attempting to pick up where Rising Thunder left off with their upcoming title Metal Revolution including its own cast of robot fighters in a cyberpunk setting.

Their latest screenshot of their character select screen shows off 11 different fighters from a variety of disciplines including those outside of martial arts. From a traditional Taekwondo robot to a mechanical Yakuza-inspired mobster with a sword and even a football captain grappler, there's likely a fighting game archetype to appeal to most players interested in a title like this.

In a similar vein to Rising Thunder and many other recent indie fighting game titles, Metal Revolution is looking to provide ease of access to 2D fighters with a simplified two-button base, but also feature a vast and fun amount of depth for veterans of the genre to sink their teeth into.

Gameplay — and the title overall — still appears to be in the process of being tweaked and polished though what is there now looks fast-paced and fluid with more similarities to Rising Thunder and also maybe a page or two out of the latest Killer Instinct's playbook with characters like the reptile robot, Chameleon.

Meter in this game appears to be more like a stamina bar that will deplete while dashing or blocking though using specials will not take away from its uses. Full meter can also seemingly be used to perform a burst / combo breaker while in defense or a combo extender on offense.

Metal Revolution is currently aiming for a 2019 release window and targeting three platforms with PlayStation 4, PC via Steam and iPhone. You can take a look at screenshots in the gallery below plus videos of the game in action after the jump.

Metal Revolution image #1 Metal Revolution image #2 Metal Revolution image #3
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