Let's Make Moves results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • December 30, 2018 at 12:53 p.m. PST | Comments: 1

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Let's Make Moves is a one-day event taking place in New Jersey today.

This is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event, so you can enjoy some high-level gameplay in this brand new Smash title.

It'll feature both Singles and Doubles, so there'll be plenty of action to enjoy.

Since it's a one-day event, just tune in from the start and stick around until the end to maximize your viewing pleasure.

Players attending include NRG|Nairo, Tweek, RNG|Dabuz, CLG|VoiD, Larry Lurr, CaptainZack, Ally, IMT|ANTi, Samsora, Cosmos, SDX, Marss, Light, Shoyo James and many more.

Streaming is being done at Even Matchup Gaming and Nairo MK.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — Results

1. Tweek (Wario, Donkey Kong, Chrom)
2. GRV|Dabuz (Olimar, Palutena)
3. Larry Lurr (Fox)
4. NRG|Nairo (Palutena, Zero Suit Samus)
5. Samsora (Peach)
5. Light (Fox)
7. Demise|ZD (Fox)
7. Ho3K|Gen (Palutena)

9. CLG|VoiD (Pichu)
9. Marss (Zero Suit Samus, Ike)
9. BCe|GwJ (R.O.B.)
9. Ally (Snake)
13. DA|Sinji (Pac-Man)
13. NickC (Captain Falcon)
13. Venia (Greninja)
13. DMG|MattyG (Chrom)

17. Ho3K|Frozen (Palutena)
17. EMG|Tamim (Bayonetta)
17. Mr. E (Marth)
17. CaptainZack (Bayonetta)
17. MTS|Suarez (Yoshi)
17. Venom (Ken, Ganondorf)
17. PG|Cosmos (Inkling)
17. T2|Odyssey (Fox)

25. SYE|Dyla (Ryu)
25. SDX (Mewtwo)
25. Ninja (Mario)
25. LingLing (Peach)
25. Laid (Pit)
25. MnT|Shoyo James (Chrom)
25. Smokk (Ganondorf)
25. Dre Charles (Ridley)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles — Results

1. Tweek (Wario, Cloud) & PG|Cosmos (Inkling, Corrin)
2. Light (Fox) & Xion (Wolf)
3. NRG|Nairo (Palutena) & IMT|ANTi (Lucario)
4. Marss (Zero Suit Samus) & DarkWizzy (Mario)
5. CLG|VoiD (Pichu) & Larry Lurr (Fox)
5. RNG|Dabuz (Palutena) & MnT|Shoyo James (Chrom)
7. CaptainZack (Bayonetta) & PinkFresh (Lucas)
7. ConCon (Bayonetta) & DarkMATTer (Ness)

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