End of the year 2018 tier and match up charts for Street Fighter 5

Abigail is really, really low

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 31, 2018 at 10:35 a.m. PST

We're going through our community voted tier lists to take final inventory and close out 2018 and present to you today the final orderings for Street Fighter 5 roster.

Things are a tad volatile for SF5 at the moment because Capcom rolled out an all new balance update at Capcom Cup just a few weeks back. Players are currently exploring new potential, and have even welcomed the all new Kage into the mix.

Needless to say perceptions could easily continue to change as the new balance continues to settle, but our end of the year snapshot is certainly already showing some new trends.

The most profound of these has to be Abigail's placement, which has plummeted all the way down to second to last. The character was seen as a "robbery fighter" this year mainly because his V-Trigger 1 was so oppressive. It's seen some substantial nerfs, though, and as such the EH community now sees the character as pretty low tier.

We've also highlighted our top 10 best/worst match ups, but we quickly see that there are no incredibly lopsided fights at this time.

As always, please remember that this is a community generated tier list and may not line up with what some of the more prominent competitors believe. That said, if you disagree with what things look like here, you can always offer your two cents by voting for SF5 or any of our other games over at our EventHubs tier lists.

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Cammy was regarded by most as the top character in 2018, (perhaps a top 3 fighter at worst) but has received numerous nerfs that have dropped her down to the 19th spot overall.

Menat has also seen some drastic change as she's plummeted from a top 5 character to 17th with the nerfs to her V-Trigger 1 and standing heavy punch.

The all new DLC character, Kage, has made it up to 13th here in his initial run. There's more mystery surrounding this evil version of Ryu than any other fighter on the roster right now, but he seems to be at least viable tier with perhaps some potential to climb higher.

It seems both Alex and Ryu have begun to ascend from their meme-worthy low positions, but not to much above low-mid tier. That said, there's still a good chance they'll continue to rise as players delve further into their new tools.

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