Cell sits at the top despite his nerfs while some big bodies sink to the bottom: Here's how our Dragon Ball FighterZ tiers sit at the end of 2018

How is the game shaping up going into 2019?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 27, 2018 at 11:19 a.m. PST | Comments: 11

Dragon Ball FighterZ quickly became one of the if not the biggest fighting game of 2018 after launching in January of this year where it would go on to break EVO viewership records in its first appearance and earning its own World Tour alongside other Bandai Namco fighters like Tekken 7.

The month of December has raised a few questions about DBFZ's future in the competitive scene due to being left off of EVO Japan's main lineup and having had another tournament cancelled, but Bandai Namco's support of the title is set to continue for it and their other fighters through at least 2019. A second season of content has still yet to be confirmed, however.

To close out 2018, we here at EventHubs are going to be digging through Dragon Ball FighterZ's and the other major titles' tier lists and their current positions going into 2019 where the DBFZ World Tour Finals will be held in January.

As a brand new 3v3 fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ has seen competitively high placings for the majority of its cast — partially thanks to players like FOX|SonicFox using characters like Nappa and Beerus to show off their potential — though tournaments have essentially been dominated by a handful of character selections that have been strong picks for any teams.

Characters like Cell, Bardock, Android 16, Kid Buu and Adult Gohan have all been seen as dominant forces in the game and have all received nerfs throughout the year to even the playing field a bit while Super Saiyan Vegeta's assist also needed to be toned down.

Unsurprisingly, all five of those previously mentioned characters remain at the top of our tier list which is voted upon by our readers and the community, but there are a number of choices which will likely surprise players.

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Many players' pick for sleeper top character in DBFZ right now after last month's balance patch is Gotenks, who currently sits ranked 17th on our tier list while Vegeta sits at 15th.

The DLC characters have not had the best results in tournaments outside of Bardock, but Vegito actually made it up to the sixth ranked position on our list while Base Form Vegeta sits in seventh, Android 17 is currently at 10th, Fused Zamasu sits at 14th, Cooler at 16th, Base Form Goku at 22nd and surprisingly Broly at 25th.

Majin Buu, Nappa and Captain Ginyu sit among the bottom of our tier list although they have seen success in tournaments in more recent months. In the right hands and teams, these characters can shine, but they are still much less versatile than the top tiers on the lists.

As 2018 comes to a close, Dragon Ball FighterZ appears to be in a better place competitively than it was in the first eight months with more characters being used at a high level though the best five or six characters still top the charts much more than anyone else.

Our tier lists should not be taken as fact, but they do well for themselves in gauging the communities thoughts. If you disagree with where things stand, you can vote and make your voice heard for Dragon Ball FighterZ or any other fighter on the EventHubs tier lists.

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