Why risking nothing in Street Fighter 5 can cost you everything; plus Dragon Ball FighterZ tourney stoppages, Season 4 week one reactions and more

Plus Dead or Alive 6 is still too sexy, Ryu might actually be good now and more

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 26, 2018 at 7:14 p.m. PST | Comments: 25

CYG|Daigo can rip Dragon Punches all over the place and be revered as a Street Fighter god, but I do one and everyone calls me scrubby. We delve into the when and why of invincible reversals to try to make sense of this often misunderstood Street Fighter staple.

Catalyst and I also discuss the current issues with Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments, speculating the source of the event stoppages and whether or not the community reactions that question the game's competitive longevity hold water.

Having had a good week to explore the new balance changes and character in Street Fighter 5's fourth season, I offer some more informed thoughts on Kage, pointing out the good and the bad of playing the character.

Alex, Zangief, Ryu and a few others have been stuck at the bottom of the tier list for a good while now, but it seems as though the FGC may be actually excited to play them now that Capcom has allotted some new tools, could it be we'll be seeing these fighters in tournament finally?


02:15 - Is this the beginning of the end for SF5? (Capcom option selects the FGC)
11:00 - Dragon Ball FighterZ... a one and done?
21:31 - Dead or Alive 6 is rated M... still sexy... no surprise
25:06 - Has Ryu become a good character?
33:46 - Why not play Akuma instead?
36:37 - How's Kage one week into the grind?
44:44 - How's Necalli in Season 4? (Character crisis, Poongko's bathroom story and more)
55:30 - Are Alex, Zangief and other buffed characters becoming viable? (Top players are tier whores)
1:03:13 - People are inspired to play new characters, that's a success on Capcom's part
1:04:13 - Juri didn't change, but that's okay
1:09:29 - SF5 morale seems to be increasing since Capcom Cup
1:12:56 - Why risking nothing in SF5 can cost you everything (Better understanding risk and reward)

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