Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features advanced attack cancelling techniques which open up new combo and movement possibilities

This might really come in handy if you change your control scheme slightly

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 22, 2018 at 11:10 a.m. PST | Comments: 6

The Super Smash Bros. community is still very much in the discovery phase of the newest game's life cycle with techniques like pivot cancelling still being uncovered as we cross the two week mark since Ultimate first launched.

My Smash Corner recently uploaded a video to their YouTube channel breaking down another such discovery in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which has been dubbed 'attack cancels' that can enhance combo potential even further along with providing more movement control.

Almost any grounded attack in Smash Ultimate can be cancelled with a jump, and dash attacks can also be cancelled with a grab. This provides a new cancel opportunity where within the first few frames of the dash attacks, you can return the control stick to neutral and hit jump to jump-cancel into an aerial hit.

This is different than standard short hopping in the game because attack cancelling here will actually stop all of your forward momentum, so you can more easily retreat if the attack is blocked and have better spacial control — though some characters like Villager and Isabelle are unable to perform this.

Rosalina can actually take advantage of this attack cancelling more than other fighters because Luma's dash attack animation won't be cancelled while her's will. This frees up the princess to perform different moves while her star companion keeps opponents locked down for even more combo potential.

Where this could get really scary for Rosalina is the fact that she can cancel her dash attack into grab while Luma's attack still comes out, so she can get a nearly cover-all situation since Luma can combo into her grab that way.

The video also details the inputs and practical applications for tilt-cancelling, instant item throws and instant reverse aerials which all use similar ideas, so be sure to check out My Smash Corner's new guide / breakdown after the jump along with a few example combos for Rosalina below.

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