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Rumor: Cassandra and Amy may be the next DLC characters coming to Soul Calibur 6

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 19, 2018 at 11:43 a.m. PST • Comments: 60

Leaks and data-mines have gotten to the point where they seem almost unavoidable for the fighting game community with people like X-Kira finding out what content is coming to Street Fighter 5 over a year ahead of time in some cases and DLC character references having been left in the files for Dragon Ball FighterZ after its release.

Soul Calibur 6 is currently slated to receive four DLC characters with the second of them, Nier Automata's 2B, having released just yesterday on December 18, and now we may know the identity of the final two remaining fighters set to come with the game's Season Pass.

It appears as though data-miners have reportedly found references to Cassandra Alexandra and Amy Sorel in the game's files in a section contained with other characters who are either playable or feature character models in the game which neither currently do according to Avoiding the Puddle.

Both Cassandra and Amy are mentioned in the code after 2B which was said to be part of the Ver. 1.10 update to Soul Calibur 6 that has them listed in a file as 'DLC2' and 'DLC3' respectively.

A number of longtime series characters like Hwang, Cassandra, Amy and Lizardman were featured in Soul Calibur 6's Story Mode which led some fans to think that they may be more likely to receive a spot on the roster pre-release or perhaps make it in as DLC since they featured new art and voice work.

This is all still only a rumor at this point and has not been officially confirmed, so this should all be taken with a grain of salt for the time being. You can take a look at the alleged lines of code that reference Cassandra and Amy after the jump.

Alleged file information referring to Amy and Cassandra in Soul Calibur 6

Reference: pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor.pak

File destination: SoulcaliburVI\Config\DefaultEditor.ini

+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_SIEG,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "5EBBD7D94CF7FE98CEFFA09AC17DFC7D", "—¼"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_INFERNO,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "D116F88043F81450C09BA7B57AA9B7DF", "—ù"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_RAPHAEL,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "43149C9E4D2F2C8C34AC60824FBEC0CB", "×"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_GERALT,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "AE4AE9924B8ED90CB4EF0E8F6C41C1CC", "ƒQ"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_LESSER_LIZARDMAN,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "4BAF07F84AF07E779BE723AA967AC786", "å’"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_2B,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "BCFD1A984A5744DC1BEBB0BF50EF3CC2", "2B"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_CASSANDRA,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "4330548E48FC4A63C10025B7A2DB05E1", "DLC2"))
+ProfileIconInitials=(Character=ELC_AMY,Initial=NSLOCTEXT("[/Script/LuxorEditor]", "E0D41BB848CDE634D4DF518D8E5EB090", "DLC3"))

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