'I travel too much... the last three years of the Capcom Pro Tour have been hell' - Justin Wong explains how he's taking things a bit easier in 2019

More games, less travel

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 19, 2018 at 4:05 p.m. PST

FOX|Justin Wong seems to have done it all. His natural ability to quickly understand and execute most any fighting game at a high level is rivaled by very few, and his countless famous moments make him on of the most storied players in all the community.

We caught up with the Echo Fox representative at Capcom Cup last weekend to ask him his thoughts on a handful of different topics including a recent tweet on Justin's Twitter that made it seem as though he'd be taking the gas off the pedal when it comes to SF5.

EventHubs: You recently said that you're looking forward to playing a lot of different games in 2019, how are you feeling about SF5 and your eSports journey going into next year?

Justin: I personally enjoy playing Street Fighter 5, I played so many different fighting games in general growing up and there's been way worse than SF5. When most people say SF5 is bad, they're probably comparing it to Street Fighter 4, which is a far superior game in general. The reason I want to play different games is because there's too much down time at these tournaments and I'm not doing anything because I'm only focusing on SF5 premiers.

Justin cont'd: I want to branch out and go back to how it used to be where I played more games and hang out with more people from other games' scenes. I want to show my fan base that it's not only about Street Fighter. We have other games like Tekken 7 which is probably the best modern game right now, Smash Ultimate is amazing, Mortal Kombat 11 is coming out in April, even BlazBlue Tag is one of the better games of this generation. There are just so many and I feel like they need to have some lovin'.

Here's the tweet referenced during the interview:

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EventHubs: Do you expect to be able to do as well if you're spreading yourself thinner next year with more titles?

Justin: You know, I'm actually not sure. The changes from season to season are not drastic. I can't see Season 4 SF5 changing it to the point of being a brand new game. Sure, you'll have balance changes but overall the studying will be the same. Most of the studying for most top players comes from watching YouTube videos.

Justin cont'd: You don't spend a lot of time in Training Mode or Ranked, you usually just prepare for match ups by watching a couple matches, find a person who plays the character and try some stuff with them. That's it. You don't really have to grind that much compared to other games. Take Smash for example, there's not much to practice outside of movement, but understanding the meta requires playing a ton of matches. I can practice SF5 while I'm on a plane with YouTube videos because of the lower execution gap.

Justin cont'd: To be honest I've been mentally exhausted from the Pro Tour. The last three years of the CPT have been hell. I've been going to tournaments both in the US and other countries. I get invited to other countries and I can't say no because many players don't get the chance to travel. Me going to these events is an opportunity to show the communities that I care about them and I want to play with them. I think I do travel too much though, and it's mentally exhausting and stressful.

EventHubs: Are you planning to reduce that next year?

Justin: I've been focusing more on YT content because fighting game pros don't do a lot outside of playing Street Fighter in tournaments. I posted recently that I'm strictly going to North American events next year, no international events.

EventHubs: Since you're such a great Marvel player, do you have interest in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Justin: I'm a very big Dragon Ball fan. I love watching it and the game is beautiful, but it's not Marvel to me. There's no push block and I feel like every gameplan is kind of similar in terms of "block string, assist, block string assist, Dragon Rush." The fact that it's hard to zone because of Super Dashing is also a turn off for me. I'm not a fan of playing it, but I love watching it... that's just how I feel about the game personally.

We're looking forward to seeing how the top placing American in this year's Capcom Cup continues his story in 2019. Be sure to check out Justin's YouTube channel and subscribe to stay up to date with the regular videos he's been posting. From fighting game tips and trips to his exciting adventures at events, his content has something for everyone.

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