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Street Fighter 5 sees balance changes with new update, here's what we've found so far

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 16, 2018 at 5:32 p.m. PST • Comments: 55

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's Season 4 patch appears to have gone live early on PlayStation 4 where a new fighter named Kage has appeared on the character select screen, but the new balance update also seems to have been applied to the game.

Volume 4 Trials are now available for every current fighter showing off some of the new stuff they can do after the new patch plus we've found out more changes in Training Mode including a number of buffs and nerfs.

We're still in the early stages of discovering what's new in SF5 Season 4, but you can find out unofficial discoveries after the jump. Let us know your findings too in the comments section if you know something we don't.


V-Trigger 1 is now three bars.

V-Trigger 1 now gives out five heavy punches instead of six.

New command normal with down-back + heavy kick for a more traditional sweep.


V-Skill powered up attack now adds +5 frames to a hit instead of standard counter hit.

EX-knee can now hit grounded opponents.


V-Trigger 2 is now two bars.


Souseikyaku is a new move performed by hitting V-Skill a second time after already airborne from V-Skill.


V-Trigger 2 is now two bars instead of three.

V-Trigger 2 is now -28 on block instead of -42.

Jumping heavy kick has a new animation.

Standing light punch is now +4 on hit instead of +3. Still +2 on block.

Crouching medium punch is +4 on hit and -2 on block instead of -4.

Crouching heavy punch is now -8 on block instead of -6.

Down-forward heavy kick is now +3 on block instead of +2.


He can now perform a swooping command air dash by hitting all three punches while in the air.


Shinryuken can now combo into new options after the fully mashed attack.

M. Bison

V-Skill now has a new counter for absorbing physical attacks.


V-Trigger 1 is now three bars.


Solar Plexus can now combo into standing medium punch to crouching medium punch to special cancel.


EX-Crimson Terror now ends in a launching kick that can be V-Trigger cancelled.

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