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Rumor: Persona 5 Arena's development pushed back due to Granblue Fantasy Versus; Dragon Quest character may be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

How many games can ArcSys do at one time?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 16, 2018 at 5:34 a.m. PST • Comments: 19

Earlier today, Cygames announced that their RPG series Granblue Fantasy would be crossing over into the realm of fighting games with a new title in development by Arc System Works called Granblue Fantasy Versus which may have had an impact on other projects if recent online postings are to be believed.

A recent anonymous post on Japan's 5chan text board suggested that Persona 5 Arena's development has been pushed back to make room for the new collaboration fighter. This normally wouldn't carry any weight behind it except the post was made December 10, five days before Granblue Fantasy Versus was revealed.

Persona 5 Arena has never been confirmed to be in development by ArcSys or Atlus, but BlazBlue producer Toshimichi Mori has alluded to future Persona projects beyond Cross Tag Battle's use of the P4A characters.

This all is still an unconfirmed rumor, so it should be taken with a healthy grain of salt though even more details about Persona titles and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC were also part of these postings.

Persona 5's protagonist, Joker, was announced to be Smash Ultimate's first DLC character last week, and his stage may be based off of the Mementos dungeon from the RPG where the mascot demon / Persona Jack Frost will make an appearance.

On top of all of that, another post suggests that a Dragon Quest character and stage will also be making their way to Smash Bros. as DLC for another partnership with Square Enix.

Dragon Quest 3's hero, Erdick, will also be among the DLC roster according to the 5chan postings with both male and female versions available plus colors to match the DQ11 protagonist. Alefgard will allegedly serve as the stage where Slimes will appear.

These posts make reference to P5R as a "complete version" of Persona 5 which has been recently rumored for the Nintendo Switch following Joker's reveal plus P5U as a fighting game from ArcSys. Both abbreviations were registered as domains by Atlus in 2017.

Remember these are currently just unconfirmed rumors, but you can take a look at the Persona 5 and Dragon Quest posts translated by Persona Central below.

Persona 5


The stage is Mementos

Jack Frost appears on screen with a skill

Marketing of P5R (complete version) and P5U (fighting game)

P5R is 2019

P5U is delayed because Arc is busy with the development of a Granblue fighting game

Dragon Quest


Stage is Alefgard

Erdrick (Male) and Erdrick (Female), 2 colors each of Anlucia and the Dragon Quest XI Hero

Slime appears on screen with a skill

Achieved through active collaboration on Square’s side

To the benefit of overseas marketing for the DQ series

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