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What are we hoping to see from the Persona series in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? EventHubs staff's biggest Persona fans weigh in

The surprise announcement of Persona 5 joining Super Smash Bros. was a very welcome one for two of the staff members here, so here's our thoughts

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • December 19, 2018 at 1 p.m. PST • Comments: 15

Note: Please be warned that this article will contain slight spoilers for Persona 5 about locations, music pieces and characters. While we're not going to delve into any deep territory regarding the overall plot, there will be some spoilers present and you have been warned.

At the Game Awards earlier this month, we found out who the first character of Nintendo's Fighter Pack for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to be, and it is none other than Joker, the main protagonist of Atlus' hit RPG Persona 5.

We've got two massive Persona-heads here at EventHubs, being myself and Dakota "DarkHorse" Hills, so the first thing I did when I woke up and saw the news was to start spamming him about doing a collaboration article.

And here it is — we're going to detail what we're each hoping to see from the Persona series when the DLC comes along sometime in 2019.

We've been promised that each DLC pack will contain a character, a stage and music from whatever is added, so we're going to share our picks for both a stage we want to see and a piece of music we're really hoping makes it in.

Beyond that, though, we're also going to dream bigger and talk about what Assist Trophy we'd like to see added, in case Nintendo and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate development team happen to feel extra nice. We're also going to talk about what we're hoping to see from Joker's moveset, since no gameplay of him has been shown yet.

And so, without further ado, please continue below and have a read of what I, Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor, and my dear colleague Dakota "DarkHorse" Hills are hoping to see from Persona in Smash.

Joker's Gameplay — Nick's Hopes

While a puppet character would be a relatively new concept for Smash (Rosalina & Luma is one, but a very basic one), I would hope that they don't go that route with Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, since it honestly doesn't feel very representative of how fights feel in the actual source material.

A better concept would be to simply have his Persona, be it Arsene or several different ones, show up during some of his moves (probably his special attacks) and give him bigger range and damage.

You could even make it really interesting by having a Shulk-style thing where he has the ability to switch between Personas instead of modes, and have these give different attributes to his special moves, but keep his normal moves the same.

One of the coolest additions in Persona 5 to me was the gun, so hopefully we can have that represented in his moveset despite Smash typically shying away from guns that are in any way realistic (this can be clearly seen in Snake's moveset, which instead revolves entirely around explosives). In the game, they're actually using toy weapons that simply work effectively in the Metaverse, where the game's battles take place.

Overall, given the heavy focus on style in Persona 5, there's a ton of sick stuff you can rip straight from the game and put in his moveset, and it'll feel right at home for any Persona fan, and the fact that we haven't seen any gameplay yet just makes everyone more and more excited to see how he actually turns out.

One thing I agree entirely with Dakota about, though, is what he's written below this part about Joker's potential Final Smash...

Joker's Gameplay — Dakota's Hopes

Persona 4: Arena was essentially a four button fighting game with two buttons assigned to your character attacks and the others attached to those specific to personas which could be incorporated into Smash Ultimate fairly simply.

All of Joker's physical attacks using his knife and handgun could fall exclusively to his standard 'A' moves while his persona, Arsene, would take up all of the 'B' specials.

The other course of action would be to mix the pair together and make Arsene appear for Joker's Smash attacks like Bayonetta's Wicked Weaves and give the protagonist a special or two all his own. I really want to see the 'Hold up' mechanic incorporated into his move set somehow whether than be his normal grabs or a command move where he can do a variety of bad things to his opponent.

I don't really want to see a puppet character like Rosalina and Luma, but instead something like an assist to come out and help with an attack before disappearing again.

There's only one thing that Joker's Final Smash could be and it's the 'All Out Attack' which should work exactly as it did in Persona 5 since it's just a cinematic there too. Bring in Morgana, Anne and Ryuji for a good ol' beatdown on whoever is caught in it before cutting to Joker's finish screen.

Video courtesy of 【XCV//】

Nick's Assist Trophy Pick — Ann Takamaki

There's absolutely no confirmation that we'd get an Assist Trophy along with the DLC, but given how kind the development team have been for the current 3rd party series in the game, I'm going to dream this dream and hope for the best.

If Persona 5 indeed gets an assist, I really hope that it'll be my favorite character in the game, Ann Takamaki.

She's one of your earliest allies, so she's present throughout the entire game, and she has a distinct visual design for both her and her Persona that's very hard to forget.

As one of Joker's closest confidants, and a potential relationship partner for him as well, I think she'd fit right in as an assist, and am really hoping to see her.

Given what they did with Castlevania's Alucard where he has a variety of moves ripped straight from Symphony of the Night, you could do the same with her, and have her switch between her ranged weapon, her regular weapon or casting Agi, a fire-based spell, with her Persona, Carmen.

Dakota's Assist Trophy Pick — Morgana

Morgana essentially serves as the mascot character of Persona 5 as Teddie had before him in 4 which makes the chibi cat fighter the best fit as an Assist Trophy.

Using his slingshots and sword that's a bit too big for his body, Morgana has a variety of attacks at his disposal at close and mid-range, or he could just turn into a cat bus and run over your foes like weak shadows.

Morgana also wields the persona Zorro which could give his attacks even more range with its rapier or Garu wind spells to blow enemies away.

Nick's Stage Pick — Casino of Envy

I mean, this is the place where it all begins. As soon as you boot up the game, you're shoved straight in to the Casino of Envy and get to experience some high-octane action right off the bat.

While it takes quite some time before you return there and get proper context for the location and get to experience it wholeheartedly, that first glimpse stays with you throughout the whole game up until that point.

To me, it's probably the most iconic area in all of Persona 5, which is high praise considering how many fantastic locales you end up seeing while traversing through the game.

As far as palaces go, it's also one of the more intricate and personal ones, and the stakes never really feel more intimate than when you're at this one.

Adding to that, the music in there is absolutely amazing and anyone who played through the game can probably remember the tune instantly if they just think of the location.

It's definitely the place to be as far as Persona goes, and it also lends a very different aesthetic from stages currently present in Super Smash Bros.

While I personally think it'd be difficult to go wrong with any Persona 5 stage for the game, I'm definitely hoping for the Casino of Envy as their area of choice. Anyone who's played even 30 minutes of the game will recognize it, and it's highly significant for those of us who played through the entirety of this masterpiece of a game as well.

Dakota's Stage Pick — Kamoshida's Castle

Kamoshida is the first boss you fight in Persona 5 as a king in his castle, and I feel like that setting would probably be the best pick for a stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Persona 5 has a good number of dungeons to choose from — some of them visually stunning and some that can feel a bit bland — but I feel like Kamoshida's boss arena provides enough flare without spoiling too much of what's to come later in the game.

Video courtesy of Boss Fight Database

The twisted gym teacher turned into a literally monstrous king could make for a great background hazard that attacks the foreground with his knives and long tounge... though Nintendo might want to cover his attire of only a cape so he's a bit less naked.

There is also a second floor to the boss arena which could create a bit of verticality to the Smash stage though I'm not sure if the community would like it if the room had actual walls instead of a ledge.

Nick's Music Pick — Rivers in the Desert

While I mentioned the music for the Casino of Envy further up when talking about stages, and I think that's a given as one of the stage themes if that indeed ends up being the picked stage, there's a song that trumps everything in the game.

Rivers in the Desert is used very sparingly in Persona 5, only for a select few boss fights around the very end of the game, and that makes it all the more impactful. While it's a fantastic song all on its own, the context for it just makes it all the more amazing of a musical piece.

Besides that, it's also extremely "Persona". Anyone who's experienced the franchise, even if just through the anime series adapted from it, knows that there's a very distinct audio style in Persona that separates it quite a bit from most other gaming franchises, certainly the ones currently present in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

After experiencing Persona 5 roughly 2 years ago now, this has solidified itself as one of my favorite boss themes and indeed one of my favorite songs from video games of all time.

While I think it stands well enough on its own, I urge you if you're at all interested in trying out Persona 5 to play through the game yourself and experience the song when it's supposed to play rather than listening to it beforehand. It'll elevate it without a doubt.

But, if you've played the game already or simply have no interest in at all, go ahead and click the embed below to enjoy the track.

Video courtesy of 『 Lettuce Sauce 』

Dakota's Music Pick — Electronica in Velvet Room

There are many obvious picks for music tracks that should be included in Smash Ultimate from Persona 5's fantastic OST including its opening, battle and boss themes, but I'd also like to see something else added to the list as well.

Electronica in Velvet Room is from Persona 5's predecessor, but I still feel it deserves a spot on the song roster because of how often its shown up in other spin-offs like Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Persona 4 Arena — plus I just really, really like it.

Video courtesy of MeRuleDaWorld

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bringing Persona 5 into the fold, there's no limit to all the cool stuff we could see join the game.

As mentioned several times in this piece, Persona 5 brings an entirely different aesthetic, both visually and through audio, than the Super Smash Bros. series has ever had before.

With that in mind, it's going to be exciting to see a brand new franchise oozing so much style and freshness joining gaming's biggest crossover, and my mind can't stop racing at all the possibilities.

All in all, we're both exceptionally excited to see the Persona series join Smash, and nobody could've done it better than the immaculately stylish Joker from Persona 5.

Hopefully, you agree with some of our picks, and feel free to share your own in the comments below.

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