What remain the most broken parts of Street Fighter 5 and how do we change them heading into Season 4?

Plus is Tekken 7 the most hype fighting game to watch? How to get your friends into the genre and plenty more on this week's EventHubs Podcast

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 5, 2018 at 7:56 p.m. PST | Comments: 30

Let's iron one thing out right from the get-go and clarify that we don't think R. Mika is broken in an overpowered sense of the term, but rather isn't very well-designed when you dig deeper into things.

Digging deeper is exactly what Catalyst and I do on this week's episode of the EventHubs Podcast, delving specifically into the more general aspects of Street Fighter 5 that still could use some tweaking as we transition into the game's fourth Season.

Capcom has already made commendable progress as they've nixed throw loops, anti-air jabs, regulated Crush Counters, decreased input lag, regulated V-Triggers and more over the last few years.

That established, we do think there are still a few rough edges that could be sanded down to make the SF5 experience, (which we're currently enjoying very much) even more enjoyable.

Plus the Tekken World Tour Finals knocked audiences off their feet with both amazing (low-tier character) gameplay and some wonderfully hype reveals. We actually get into a discussion about whether or not Tekken 7 is the most hype fighting game to watch at the moment.

Catalyst and I cover all of this and more on episode 28 of the EH Podcast, which awaits you below the jump. You can check out the timestamps included to see all the other topics we tackle.


01:07 - Why Catalyst is DEFINITELY gonna win the Last Chance Qualifier at Capcom Cup
03:20 - SF5 keeps humbling me
14:46 - Tekken Reveals for the ages (the new art of the DLC reveal)
18:37 - Negan - why some didn't like it, but why it was also a very strong (and decently executed) move by Bandai
25:16 - DAAAA BEARS (Rangchu wins with low-tier Panda)
30:03 - Tekken the most hype fighting game to watch right now?
34:45 - Smash Ultimate is about to drop
41:40 - The archetypal appeal of fighting games
47:09 - Crossover's sad situation
51:13 - Netcode improvements and new story mode coming to SF5?
1:00:46 - Abigail's bonkers set up
1:03:46 - The most broken remaining parts of SF5
1:11:18 - Balancing the V-System with Skills, Triggers and Reversals all in mind
1:22:14 - V-Triggers that are 2 bars that should be 3 bars
1:26:44 - R. Mika's design issues

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