Sagat's Street Fighter 2 theme is a masterpiece, yet it's somehow better when the The Consouls add a Jazz twist to it

'Tiger Rag! I mean, Shot!'

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • December 5, 2018 at 4:15 a.m. PST | Comments: 18

The classic themes from back in Street Fighter 2 are iconic. If you hear just a few seconds of any of them, there's a good chance you'll recognize them immediately.

Among the best of best Street Fighter songs (in my opinion) is Sagat's theme. It's dramatic and powerful, and hearing it sends your right back to fighting the towering Street Fighter 2 sub-boss on the amazing Thailand backdrop.

Sagat's theme is a masterpiece, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better The Consouls go ahead and release their own rendition of it.

If you're unfamiliar with The Consouls, this ensemble performs Jazz arrangements of songs from video games. You probably remember seeing their performances of themes for Ibuki and Karin here on EventHubs in the past.

This time the four-piece group tackles the theme of the king, and it's just as spectacular as you'd think. The Jazz flavor lends itself perfectly to this track, with the upright bass handling the heavy bass line we hear in the original and the keyboard and saxophone taking the lead.

Check out The Consouls' cover of Sagat's theme below, and be prepared to hit replay over and over.

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