Just how likely is it that Capcom launches eight DLC characters in 2019? Fei-Long, Dudley, Makoto, Poison and others would make great additions...

And also, not Yun...

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • December 4, 2018 at 7:33 p.m. PST | Comments: 120

It was back in July that we caught wind from the content leaker known as Vergeben that the fourth season of Street Fighter 5 would reportedly have two additional DLC characters, free of charge, for a total of eight newcomers in 2019.

While we're by no means convinced that this will indeed be the case, we do feel it's at least worth some discussion and exploration since such a move would be fairly huge for Capcom and Street Fighter 5.

Capcom has released six DLC characters each year since SF5's launch back in 2016, but it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. Season 1's releases were hampered by the fact that Capcom quickly seemed to fall behind schedule on multiple fronts from the get go following an obviously rushed, bare bones release.

The company actually failed to meet the deadline they had proposed for Ibuki, and though they eventually released her alongside Balrog and wound up getting all six fighters out the door before the year's end, it was fairly apparent Capcom was still not caught up.

Season 2 did not offer a schedule nor the identities of the characters that were to be released, two truisms that led to much criticism from fans. We found out later in 2017 that a whole new update to the game, Arcade Edition, was en route.

This current year has seen a much more rapid and prompt release schedule as the fifth and sixth characters simultaneously made it onto consoles no later than early August. Since that time Capcom has reduced the input lag, added the new Dojo Mode and continued general support with a ton of new costumes. It seems they are very clearly caught up, and so now we look to 2019 as a year of a bit more potential.

The community would likely be completely content with a standard six-character release, but eight would be an extremely good look for Capcom, especially considering they've only recently stepped back into the good graces of many of their fighting game fans.

The competition is hot right now on the DLC front as well as titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and others are blowing fans away with expanding roster sizes and incredibly intriguing character choices.

Dragon Ball FighterZ brought in eight additional characters its first year, Tekken 7 just blew fans away with a killer reveal including The Walking Dead's Negan, and Smash Ultimate boasts a starting lineup of 74 characters with six more en route. In some ways, though, it feels like hitting the status quo may not be enough.

Capcom's choice in new fighters will be a big deal in 2019 as players are still hoping for a few legacy characters that haven't yet made it in. They ran a character popularity poll back toward the end of 2017, and you can see the results in the images here:

CFN Character Popularity Poll image #1 CFN Character Popularity Poll image #2 CFN Character Popularity Poll image #3
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Many of the fighters that made the top 10 are now in the game, but the number two selection, Makoto, has yet to make it. Characters like Poison, Rose, Dudley, Fei-Long and Yun are some of the most iconic in the franchise, and their inclusion would most certainly do wonders for SF5 as a whole.

What do you think we'll see in terms of 2019 DLC? We've already seen a ton of promising potentials such as a second story mode thanks to content leaker X-Kira, but do you think Vergeben's claims will come to fruition? If so, who are you hoping to see the most?

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