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New Street Fighter update is now live: brings the new Professional costumes, fixes Sagat's Tiger Uppercut bugs among others and restores LP to players

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 28, 2018 at 5:14 p.m. PDT • Comments: 25

New DLC and balance changes typically bring with it server maintenance for Street Fighter 5, and this week is no exception to that trend.

A new batch of professional costumes were added to the game for characters like Menat, Falke and R. Mika along with a new Mike-themed costume for Balrog in Fighting Chance in this latest Ver. 03.070 update.

The patch notes for the new update are also online through Capcom's CFN website for Street Fighter 5 which details the new DLC added to the game along with the bug fixes and other changes made.

For the bug fixes, Sagat's medium Tiger Uppercut was adjusted to be more in line with other reversal moves in the game because it was unintentionally throw invincible. Kolin's V-Trigger 2 also apparently featured a bug tied to her jump that was fixed as well.

The notes also state that they will be giving players back any League Points that they may have lost online due to connection issues during the middle of the month.

You can take a look at the full patch notes below.

8/29 Update Info (Ver. 03.070)

The following new content/DLC is now available.

• Additional Content
-- Additional Costume (Professional 2): R. Mika
-- Additional Costume (Professional): Menat
-- Additional Costume (Professional): Kolin
-- Additional Costume (Professional): Falke

• Fighting Chance
-- Get Balrog's "Mike-like" Additional Costume through "Lookalike" now underway in Fighting Chance.

• Battle Related Bug Fixes
-- Sagat
If input at the timing where the preceding input is being recognized, by inputting a backwards dash and a throw, Sagat would perform a throw after finishing his backwards dash. This bug has been fixed.

Active frames 3F - 7F of M Tiger Uppercut had complete invincibility. This has been fixed so that M Tiger Uppercut only has attack and projectile invincibility from active frames 3F - 7F.

-- Kolin
During her V-Trigger II Absolute Zero, when performing a neutral jump from her forward dash, for 3F during the transition to her jump animation she would lose her collision box. This bug has been fixed.

• Other
We have restored any LP that was lost during disconnects due to login issues that occurred on August 15th 18th and August 21st.

Sent in by Fawaz
Source: Capcom

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