We've never seen Daigo get beaten this bad or this fast; M. Lizard makes quick work of the Japanese god with Vega at eSports Festival Hong Kong

The Beast gets beasted on

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 25, 2018 at 1:45 p.m. PDT | Comments: 42

Everyone has good days and bad days, and it became very clear to audiences tuning into eSports Festival Hong Kong that today was a good day for M. Lizard and a bad day for CYG|Daigo... at least during pools.

Not only is Daigo the most celebrated player in fighting game history, and for good reason, he also plays one of Street Fighter 5's strongest characters in Guile. Meanwhile his opponent was one of the very few remaining Vega players still using the claw-bearing fighter in competitive play.

As their match started up the commentators directly mentioned this, noting how players like Liquid|Nemo and Talon|Xiaobao both abandoned the character for higher tier fighters.

Having established just how much of an uphill battle this would be, both Zhi and Jiyuna were a bit surprised when Lizard convincingly took the first round with a stylish sequence utilizing the seldom-seen V-Trigger 2.

"This is not Daigo, this is Daigo's cousin," exclaimed Zhi after the beating in first round. Though it took a full four seconds more round two also went to M. Lizard, prompting the entire audience to sit up in their seats and watch with a little more attention.

As you may have guessed things only got worse for The Beast in the second game, which took less than a minute to play out. You can watch said second match by clicking on the thumbnail below, and see the full set via the Capcom Fighters video after the jump.

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This all took place in the winners side of the bracket and so Daigo was not eliminated here. He would actually run into M. Lizard again later in the tournament and defeat him in a clean 2-0, sending the Vega player home in 25th place.

Daigo himself would go on to place 17th overall after finally losing to SZY|Anman's Urien.

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