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This may be the most elaborate theory connecting G, Q and the Street Fighter world postulating the gold wielder may be the primordial man and a demon

Just because he is 'The Fool' doesn't make him a fool

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 23, 2018 at 8:10 p.m. PDT • Comments: 82

The speculation about Q's backstory has been raging on between Street Fighter fans for nearly 20 years now, and with the inclusion of G in Street Fighter 5 comes even more speculation about the connections between the two mysterious characters.

We know that both are referred to as one letter names, that Q's move set appears to be based on a more clumsy / lumbering version of G's minus his mystical powers and that G's Story Costume bears a striking resemblance to the Street Fighter 3: Third Strike character.

Now, voice actor / voice over professional Steven Mane claims he may have put the pieces together in finding out who exactly G and Q are in one of the most in-depth theories yet linking the two together, to alchemy, psychology and to actual demons.

It starts by examining another theory about the two characters that postulates that G is actually the "Cosmic Man," "Original Man," or "Primordial Man" who wishes to reconnect Earth and all of its inhabitants though not exactly through benevolent means. G wants to unite the world in an "End of Evangelion" sort of way.

This prior theory also suggests that it was no coincidence that Rashid and Menat were the ones to fight G during his Story Mode or that we don't see the story from G's perspective, as Menat reveals G to be 'The Fool' which can mean that G is empty / the abyss or has infinite potential. Meanwhile, Rashid and Menat represent the opposites of 'The Sun' and 'The Moon' that clash as masculine and feminine, science and magic plus more leading to some sort of role in the future.

It also suggests that Q is G after somehow losing his powers though Mane doesn't believe that to be the case rather Q is an agent for G, and there are many Q agents all over the world. In Mane's theory, G is manipulating Q through mind control sending them all over the world to find and fight strong warriors to capture, destroy or assimilate. G is a worse villain than M. Bison or Gill ever was.

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On the Capcom Fighters Network website, the publisher states that Q was designed to "feel like it was being manipulated behind the scenes" leading Mane to conclude that Q is the "ROBODEKA-Q" or 'robot detective' for G and his personal spy.

G proclaims himself to be the "President of the World" though his means of unifying Earth are less than democratic. He strikes "deals," uses hypnotism or mind control, and if that doesn't work, he'll destroy those that stand in his way. G wants a world for him to rule without free will, and Q is one that has already lost that.

Mane also points to the line "the true boss among bosses" from his "President of the World" reveal theme to suggest that he is bigger and badder than Bison and Gill. In fact, he believes that G may be tied to an actual demon known as Glasya-Labolas

Glasya-Labolas is the "President of Hell" according to Wikipedia and can gain control over others to make them fall in love or kill each other. He is a demon who knows the past, future and sciences and one who loves violence.

It's impossible to know now unless / until Street Fighter 5 receives another cinematic or larger Story Mode, but what do you think? Does this theory hold any water? Is G really a fool or is he pure evil?

You can read Mane's full theory on G and Q here on Twitlonger.

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