Soul Calibur 6 will have a main story and character stories which intertwine with each other — in-game timeline shows chronological order of events

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • August 19, 2018 at 4:13 a.m. PDT | Comments: 18

At the Tokyo Tekken Masters event earlier this morning (or last night, depending on where you live), Soul Calibur 6 producer Motohiro Okubo was present.

Before unveiling the Tekken 7 Season 2 news which you can find further down on our frontpage, there was some talk about the upcoming Soul Calibur 6.

Considering how soon after EVO this is, we unsurprisingly did not get a new character reveal (after all, we got two of them at EVO earlier this month), but there was some light shed on other aspects of the upcoming game.

There was talk about how the Soul series was way ahead of the curve as far as voice acting went, and that they paid the voice actors much more than what was customary for games at the time, leading to the high quality voicework that was praised when the early games came out, and that they did their best to try and get back the original voice actors and actresses for this title, though it wasn't possible for all of them due to busy schedules. Such was unfortunately the case for Seong Mi-na, who switched to yet another new voice actress for this game.

The main brunt of the talk, though, was centered around the story mode, and a few images shown give an idea of what the story mode will look like in-game.

Below, you can find some images of the story mode, as well as some artwork and visuals presented during the stream. There's something we need to talk about regarding that story mode image too... But we'll do that further down.

Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #1 Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #2 Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #3 Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #4 Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #5
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Now, the most notable part here is probably the story mode image, where you can see character's storylines and how they line up chronologically with the main story, and the interesting part which you probably already noticed on your own is that it features unannounced characters as well, but with their names erased.

At first, I was hoping that this was going to give us proper hints to who's left to be announced, but looking closer, that unfortunately seems unlikely.

First of all, Grøh, a brand new character in Soul Calibur 6 seems to start his story before anyone else in the timeline does. Also of note is that Mitsurugi, who's been present since the very first game, has his story predominately take place after the main story ends.

As such, it seems likely to conclude that the main story shows character's journies as part of a bigger picture, while character stories focus on their own, more personal journies — kind of like side stories, if you will.

One thing we can see, though, is the length of character names. This is obviously not conclusive, but given the four-letter length, might that be Rock hiding beneath Grøh's name... ?

Feel free to speculate best you will — the game releases two months from now, so it's likely we'll see reveals ramp up in frequency before then.

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