Street Fighter 5 Mysterious Mod on PC showcases fan-made second Critical Arts for most of the cast; Peter even gets a Raging Demon

And you get a Raging Demon and you get a Raging Demon

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 19, 2018 at 6:47 p.m. PDT

Mods on PC games that change character models or add some new assets to the game are commonplace in today's market, but ones that completely overhaul a game's mechanics and play style are harder to come by especially in the realm of fighting games.

Earlier this year, we reported on a PC mod in development for Street Fighter 5 called the 'Mysterious Mod' which added and changed mechanics in the game to make it more like Street Fighter 4 and other fighters.

Another addition they've made to the game via the mod has been giving second Critical Arts for most of the cast which they recently compiled and showcased in a new video on YouTube except for a select few like Zeku and Sagat.

These new Critical Arts appear to be made in the style of previous Super Arts from earlier Street Fighter titles like Third Strike where Alex is once again given his Stun Gun Headbutt as a second Critical Art in the Mysterious Mod.

Most of the cast's "new Critical Arts" are based upon specials and attacks they already have in the game turned up a few notches with Ryu getting his Shin Shoryuken, Nash teleports around his opponent like an enhanced version of his first V-Trigger, Falke shots a rapid-fire volley of projectiles and many more examples can be seen.

Even Peter — the police officer from the cinematic Story Mode — receives his own Critical Arts including a Raging Demon. You can check out Peter's moves in action in the clip below and the full compilation after the jump. Let us know if you'd like any form of these to make it into the actual release.

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