Street Fighter 5 has extremely helpful data hidden in plain sight about your strengths and weaknesses — and your opponent's

We take a closer look at what Daigo Umehara's habits are in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • August 17, 2018 at 7:47 p.m. PDT | Comments: 31

Street Fighter 5's launch was such a mess, one of the game's hyped features barely worked when the title was released in February of 2016.

Since then, SF5's Capcom Fighters Network has been updated multiple times, so it's quite possible you've missed how incredibly detailed and helpful this information can be, given the initial impression.

But what if I told you there's a place you could look at in the stats which tells you, numerically speaking, what your opponent is most likely to do when you have them cornered?

Most people would reading this would assume this information isn't readily accessible, unless they've adventured into the deep and dark depths of CFN's player statistics.

Today, I want to take a deeper look at the most popular player in FGC history, CYG|Daigo Umehara, and examine what his Street Fighter 5 stats reveal about his playstyle.

Forewarning: Much like pro sports, while statistics can help paint the picture of how things work, they rarely tell the entire tale. Just because Daigo rarely throws when cornered, doesn't mean he won't do it consistently if he knows what you're up to. Now let's dive in.

Daigo loves using Light Punch — a lot

When you see Guile's Daigo, you need to realize that Light Punch is his favorite button — by far. 7.2% of the time, you're going to see the standing version, and a whopping 26.4% of the time he does a normal, it's going to be Crouching Light Punch.

While Daigo mixes in Crouching Medium Punch (9.5%) and Crouching Medium Kick (12.4%) a good bit too — over 33% of the time he hits a normal, it's going to be a Light Punch.

So standing at ranges where you know this move will whiff, and baiting it out should become more of a strategy when you see The Beast.

I've got him in the corner, now what?

When Daigo is in the corner, more than 50% of the time, he's going to stick out a normal. Over 30% of the time, he's going to resort to a special move.

But one of the main takeaways here, is statistically speaking, when you've got Umehara in the corner — he's very unlikely to risk a throw, attempting it less than 4% of the time.

This could be because of several reasons, but it appears that Daigo's playstyle has taught him that this tactic is simply too risky to attempt consistently, and he's much more comfortable with other options.

Sonic Boom and V-Trigger usage

The stats also show that Daigo is most likely to chuck Heavy Sonic Booms at you, and Lights are the next most likely, at about 4% less often than Heavies. You'll hardly ever see him use Medium Booms, coming in at less than a percentage point in total.

Overall, V-Trigger 2 is still his favorite selection for Guile at nearly 60% usage, but V-Trigger 1 — in recent times — is gaining popularity with Umehara again.

Over the last 100 ranked games, Daigo has upped his usage of V-Trigger 1 to nearly 50%, meaning he's trading back and forth between both options quite a bit now, possibly depending on the match.

I know The Beast now, how do I take him down?

For starters, pick Zeku or Balrog. These are the character's he's least successful against in ranked play, winning 71.25% and 74.2% of the time, respectively. This only factors in matches against characters he's played 50 times or more, though.

Avoid Zangief and Ryu, who he dominates thoroughly, with a 94.2% and 91.4% winning percentage, respectively.

Other Daigo statistics

Character he faces most often:
1. Akuma 7.0%
2. Cammy 6.5%
3. Ken 5.4%
4. Guile 4.8%
5. M. Bison 4.7%

Umehara wins 83.1% of his ranked games, 86% with Guile, and his longest win streak is 65 consecutive victories.

All data in this story was captured on August 16, 2018, and will change as more matches are played.

So how do I actually use all of this?

What you're really looking for in the Street Fighter 5's CFN numbers is consistent patterns in the data. Plenty of outliers exist, and some of the data housed there has no real discernible value.

There is a TREMENDOUS amount of information available, about every player who plays Street Fighter 5 online.

There are analytics departments in pro sports that make their careers analyzing and parsing similar data, trying to gain advantages over the competition, and they spend a lot of time, money and energy doing it.

To access this yourself, go into Street Fighter 5's CFN option, find a player you want to track, view their profile, and then use the navigation buttons to browse through the stats available.

Although you can't possibly take in everything in here on your own, if you have a suspicion that your opponent throw techs way too often, or has a couple of bad match ups you can exploit, this is a great way to back up your hypothesis mathematically.

And now you know what treasures await in the deep, dark pits of Street Fighter 5's menu system.

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