There's money on the line, clear out? We discuss if cash should take priority over casuals, and rank SF5's S3 characters - EventHubs Podcast

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • August 15, 2018 at 7:03 p.m. PDT | Comments: 26

If people have a match where money is on the line at a tournament, should other players clear out of the setups to give them room to play?

This was a subject of debate that became pretty intense on social media. There is an old school mentality to this, one that both Velociraptor and I usually follow — to always let money matches have the priority — but that doesn't necessarily mean that's the correct way of handling it. In the end, we state some simple guidelines and approaches that should serve most situations well, and keep the peace.

With anti-betting laws for sports being heavily scaled back, the trickle down for the FGC means we might see more prime time money matches, and also we probably won't need to refer to these things as being for 'Bison bucks' and similar terms much anymore, which is a subject we lightly cover.

John and I also get into the Season 3 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition rankings for G, Sagat, Cody, Blanka, Falke and Sakura, while going fairly in-depth on the newest characters and what we're seeing overall in their play styles and approaches.

We also circle back to some EVO 2018 talk with FOX|SonicFox's grand finals reset moment, and ITS|Lil Majin's amazing run in Tekken 7, and the costly mental guard break that sealed his fate.

Then we cover some reader questions from morriganVS, who wanted us to discuss some tactical and technical aspects of Street Fighter 5, and other fighters, like footsies, turn taking, how to use (and avoid) projectiles, plus overcoming roadblocks that all players face. This is a hefty episode of the pod, check it out below.

• 2:14 - Casuals vs. Money Matches policy
• 10:48 - Lil Majin's heartbreak and maintaining mental fortitude
• 16:37 - Side switching, icing opponents and doing push ups against Infiltration
• 30:19 - G and Sagat, one week in
• 46:57 - Ranking and comparing the Season 3 characters
• 1:09:05 - Mailbag answers: Footsies, fireballs and avoiding unhealthy patterns

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