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The upcoming Victrix Pro FS will run for $350 and very well may set the new standard for arcade stick gaming

Predicted to have the fastest response time of any stick on the market

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 14, 2018 at 3:45 p.m. PDT • Comments: 54

The art of fight stick making has seen quite a bit of evolution since the most recent competitive fighting game boom kicked off by Street Fighter 4 around 2009, and since then the ante has been upped time and time again as better and better products hit the market.

A growing number of companies are taking stabs at replicating that traditional arcade experience as the FGC slowly but surely identifies more intricate nuances in the realm of fight stick customization and development, and it seems as though a new standard may be set very soon.

Victrix had a booth at EVO this year where they highlighted the upcoming Victrix Pro FS, a state of the art arcade stick designed to offer the highest quality of life experience yet for fighting game players.

The gaming hardware creators introduce their latest product, stating, "It is the first and only fight stick that is built on an all anodized, unibody aluminum chassis and offers full customization via an easily accessible open cabinet design. Offered with premium Sanwa Denshi parts, Victrix Pro FS is engineered with the fastest PCB response time."

While speaking with a representative on the EVO showroom floor I learned the finer details of the PCB response time tests. Eighty five out of 100 tests showed a tie with the current leading fight stick while 15 tests actually showed the Pro FS with a faster response.

Here are a handful of images so you can check out the Pro FS from all angles. Read on for the details of my experiences in using it thus far.

Victrix Pro FS image #1 Victrix Pro FS image #2 Victrix Pro FS image #3 Victrix Pro FS image #4 Victrix Pro FS image #5 Victrix Pro FS image #6
Click images for larger versions

As far as in-home use goes, I've been quite happy with the new stick. It's got a good weight and non-slip padding, which are musts these days. The braided cable, which can be disconnected and stored inside, ensures longevity and the same care is given to much of the inner wiring.

Two detachable prongs atop the stick make for easy cord wrapping and a small clip near the USB means you won't have to memorize any fancy Boy Scout knots to keep the end from dangling. Said clip also makes it very easy to know which end of the USB plug is up, so you won't have to guess when inserting it into a console or PC.

The fact that it's all one piece means aesthetic customization looks to be heavily limited, but quick access to the innards means hardware customization will be exceptionally easy. The Pro FS features an ever so slight gradient where one's wrists rest. This is one of those quality of life aspects that's seldom thought of initially, but always winds up being oh-so important.

In addition to the standard model the Pro FS will be featured in various Street Fighter character-themed colors. We've spotted a few custom versions already as the blue Chun-Li, black Ryu and red Ken were all floating around at EVO.

Here you'll see a quick video showcasing the black Akuma and red M. Bison versions as seen on the EVO showroom floor:

Click image for animated version

Most sticks have no drop off at all which often leads to the bottom edge digging into players' wrists. The slight curvature of the Victrix hardware is easily overlooked at first glance but makes a huge difference when it comes to comfort, especially when you're playing for hours on end.

Side handles make for easy carrying when you're transporting it without using a bag and the glowing side lights — which cycle through every color in the spectrum — are a slick touch that add to the overall aesthetic.

Said lights glow in tandem with the row of eight buttons atop the face of the stick. These allow for all your standard inputs as you can use them to manipulate audio for the headphone jack included in the very front, change the light settings, press start, get PlayStation track pad inputs, share screen captures and lock the stick to avoid accidental pauses during tournament play.

As you may have noticed in the latter images of the gallery, the joystick itself is detachable. Known as "The Link 2," the detachable joystick makes for even easier transportation as players won't have to worry about breaking or even stressing it during storage. There's a small clip on the inside where the joystick clips and stores away nicely.

As noted in the headline the Pro FS will come with a $350 price tag, making it just about as expensive as they come. I don't hesitate at all to say you're getting what you pay for here, but obviously this is meant for serious gamers who will appreciate the subtle nuances and attention to detail.

You'll be able to purchase this stick for PlayStation 4/PC and Xbox One over at VictrixPro when it goes on sale later this month.

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