Poll results: Which Season 3 character in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition has the coolest design and who is the strongest?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 14, 2018 at 7:49 a.m. PDT

Update: The results are in. It seems that G is seen as a very strong contender with great design ideas in Season 3 compared to the rest. Hit the jump below to check out how everyone voted.

Earlier: All six characters for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3 have been released now. While we've only had about a week with the last two characters, players are surely already forming early impressions.

Sakura was the first character to be released for Season 3. Supposedly, Sakura was ranked #1 in Capcom's popularity poll that took place on the CFN back during 2017.

Blanka would be released soon afterwards. Out of all the Season 3 characters, there was only one Blanka player that managed to make it into the top 64 bracket of EVO 2018.

Falke, like Ed, is a character that uses simple inputs for special moves. She is able to utilize projectiles while standing, in a crouched stated, and during jumps.

Cody Travers seems to be utilizing a playstyle that is very different than what veterans of the character are probably used to. There's no denying his damage output.

Finally came G and Sagat. While G is quite the formidable force if left alone to develop his Presidentiality level, Sagat's zoning abilities could rival even that of Guile's.

It's worth noting that Falke, Sakura, and Cody were seen at the very bottom of June's online match up stats. Players probably still need more time to fully flesh out the Season 3 roster.

Having said that, it's still fun to talk about early impressions. Perspectives will obviously change with time.

Which character has the best design for their moveset? Also, which fighter is currently the strongest of the Season 3 cast?

Which Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3 characters are the strongest?

1. G: 501 votes / 48.6%
2. Sagat: 274 votes / 26.6%
3. Cody: 167 votes / 16.2%
4. Blanka: 61 votes / 5.9%
5. Falke: 16 votes / 1.6%
6. Sakura: 12 votes / 1.2%

Total votes: 1,031

Voting has closed

Which Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3 characters have the best design?

1. G: 412 votes / 37.6%
2. Sagat: 255 votes / 23.3%
3. Cody: 173 votes / 15.8%
4. Sakura: 124 votes / 11.3%
5. Falke: 81 votes / 7.4%
6. Blanka: 51 votes / 4.7%

Total votes: 1,096

Voting has closed

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