Phenom cashes in on opponent's gray life while Luffy and Brian score perfect rounds on one another — Fight Club NRW Street Fighter 5 highlights

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 12, 2018 at 10:25 a.m. PDT

Fight Club NRW is an interesting event that had taken place over the weekend in Germany. For the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tournament located there, this was a ranking event.

As a result of this, there were over 100 entrants competing. Participating players included RB|Luffy, NVD|Phenom, FNATIC|Akainu, FNATIC|Shakz, exceL|Hurricane, Ryan Hart, Method|Packz, NVD|Momi, exceL|Infexious, Method|Broski and Unilad|AngryMojoSan.

There were a number of hype moments that are worth talking about. We've got your dosage of highlights ready to go!

One player was actually using Blanka in the top eight portion of the bracket. While he came in 5th overall, exceL|Brian had a pretty impressive showing.

Brian ended up had a pretty epic set against Luffy's R. Mika. They were both constantly adapting to one another's tactics.

Inevitably, both players ended up scoring perfect rounds against the other at different points of time during the set.

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An unfortunate trade for Luffy as he was not able to mount any momentum after using R. Mika's V-Trigger.

Scramble situation between Luffy and Brian that netted Brian this crucial round win:

In the end, Luffy was able to take the set with a tricky reset into R. Mika's EX command grab.

Since Akainu had a knockdown and was following behind a light Sonic Boom, pressure seemed to be guaranteed. Momi made a smart, but risky, ready with Cammy's EX Cannon Spike.

Momi ended up getting eliminated due to a bad trade against Guile's jumping attack.

You want to be careful when pressuring Luffy while he has access to R. Mika's Critical Art.

Phenom had a significant life lead over Luffy, but Luffy was able to bait out a couple of EX Flash Kicks for the win.

Phenom cashed in that gray life that was sitting inside of Luffy's health bar with a clever throw:

Phenom takes a risk with an EX Flash Kick. Unfortunately, it pays off for Luffy as he was able to correctly read it.

And the tournament winner is...

Source: Fight Club NRW.

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