'Negan is a historic villain, but he is too weak as a fighter' - Harada in 2017 when asked about including The Walking Dead character in Tekken 7

It seems the Tekken 7 Executive Producer may have a bigger heart for fans' wishes than he tries to let on

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 12, 2018 at 1:24 p.m. PDT

Fans were both equally hyped and perplexed at Bandai Namco's announcment during EVO weekend wherein they revealed that The Walking Dead's Negan would be coming to Tekken 7 as DLC in Season 2.

This certainly isn't the strangest thing to ever have happen and the character is most certainly a violent fan favorite, making him a pretty easy transfer into fighting games. We'll withhold much judgement until we see him in game, whenever that will be, but for the time being we can look at the interesting Twitter history on this matter.

Tekken's head development honcho, Katsuhiro Harada, actually did engage with some fans on Twitter last year about the prospect of bringing Negan into the game. His sentiments at the time led to more of a disconfirmation than anything, but obviously that's not how things ultimately played out.

On April 16th, 2017 Harada tweeted out for the world to respond a simple, "Ok tell me your guest character idea." Amidst the massive amount of responses one Miran Bikhan proposed an equally simple response, "Negan from The Walking Dead."

These five words netted 1.2 thousand retweets, over two thousand favorites and a direct response from Hirada himself.

"[W]ith 'Lucille?' Haha nice idea. He is a historic villain, but he is too weak as a fighter. In my opinion," stated the game's Executive Producer.

It's speculation from there as to what the process was that eventually led to Negan's inclusion, but this very well could be a testament to the power of social media on present day fighting game development.

The amount of red tape that Bandai Namco would have surely needed to cut through to include such a popular and trademarked character was no doubt significant. It could have very well been that the T7 team was already in talks with AMC about doing so at that point and Harada was simply trying to throw fans off the trail.

Harada has long been known as a developer famous for his tough love relationship with fans — who could forget the infamous "Don't Ask Me For S***" shirt?

It's fairly intriguing to see now that he seems to have directly acknowledged their whims in this instance despite appearing to not have a particular desire to with Negan in particular.

Are you excited to see what the bat-wielding baddy will bring to the table once he makes it onto the Tekken 7 roster? Let us know your general thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.

Harada banner photo credit: Yves Tennevin via Wikimedia Commons.

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