Simon Belmont, King K. Rool, and other Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcements in latest Direct left EventHubs staff with impressions of awe

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 11, 2018 at 11:55 a.m. PDT

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans were treated to something very special during this last Nintendo Direct. The two main highlights — Castlevania representation and King K. Rool — surely had future players jumping for joy in excitement as they were announced.

As fans ourselves, many of us on staff here at EventHubs had some pretty crazy reactions to all the hype. For some of us, Simon Belmont and King K. Rool were characters that we've wanted for many iterations of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Well, it finally happened with this latest Direct. As you might expect, the members of our staff have a few things to say about what was revealed.

DreamKing, MajinTenshinhan, and I have teamed up to create a compilation of our impressions for the entire event. There was a lot to say about the experience.

Of course, this is a ride that is still gaining momentum. Remember that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be releasing on December 7, 2018.

Before that date, it was revealed that the entire roster will be unveiled to us. In the meantime, we still need time to digest the new information. Hit the jump to check it out!

DreamKing's impressions

I don't think I need to say this, but I'll do it anyway... Nintendo absolutely crushed it with this Nintendo Direct. Starting with the first reveal, Simon Belmont, Nintendo picked the perfect way to bring this classic character into the fold.

Though I love Luigi's Mansion, I never even considered that crossover for the big Simon trailer, but I guess that's why I'm not currently working on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's marketing team... It was definitely the right choice to pair Luigi's Mansion and Castlevania together.

One of the main things I found particularly exceptional about this trailer was the bevy of Castlevania creatures and settings we saw throughout. The creaky Medusa head statue, the mummies going after Luigi, the most menacing looking Death ever, it was all so great.

The Simon Belmont trailer not only acted as a reveal for another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character, but also kind of gave us an idea of what a modern-day Castlevania remake could look like. Simon himself looks great in action as well, and Nintendo hit everyone with the Richter curve ball as a cherry on top.

The biggest kahuna for me, though, was King K. Rool. I cannot express how excited I am to see him join the roster.

Ask anyone on the EventHubs team which character I wanted most in Smash and they'll all tell you it was K. Rool. Everything about his reveal in Smash got it right. Nintendo's awareness of what the people want is seriously off the charts.

The reveal trailer gave us the clash between Donkey Kong and his giant, scaly arch-nemesis that we've been waiting years for. In-game, K. Rool's move set pulls from all of his best attacks and traits.

He has references to all three Donkey Kong Country games and even Donkey Kong 64 here, and my god seeing the classic crown throw with the exact animation from DKC1 was beautiful and hit me right in the nostalgia.

Overall, Nintendo's most recent Direct easily rivaled their E3 reveal, and I think it might have even trumped it.

AdaptiveTrigger's impressions

Masahiro Sakurai, the development team of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Nintendo just continue to blow me away with announcements about how much content is being packed into this game. This isn't coming at the expense of the quality of the content either.

We already got the reveal that every playable character in Smash history was returning during E3. Then we got the announcement that Ridley was finally selectable.

I wasn't expecting much of a ramp up from this point. Despite this, the Nintendo Direct we got on the 8th of August was shocking.

Luigi's appearance in the Castlevania universe really clashed in the trailer — but it still somehow worked extremely well! The scene where Luigi shoots a mummy with a plunger to the face was epic and hilarious.

It certainly helps that the mummy actually paused which gave off the impression of "are you serious right now?" before resuming its attack. And then... Luigi died!?

These trailers are fantastic. Honestly, all the team has to really do is just announce that these characters are in the game and it would sell millions of copies. Despite this, they go above and beyond to create an outstanding cinematic experience that will likely be remembered forever.

I wasn't sure how Nintendo was going to approach putting Castlevania in Super Smash Bros. Specifically, I figured that they would want to omit Simon's cross boomerang as it has references to religious themes.

Boldly, nothing is being sacrificed. Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont, and the Castlevania series — with all its grotesque elements — are being maintain. That's honestly shocking to see.

Then came King K. Rool. As soon as I saw the Klap Trap Assist Trophy, I knew he was coming. Despite this, it felt a little weird to actually see him in action.

It felt odd not because I didn't think he deserved a slot, but because he's been pretty much absent from gaming for a long, long time. King K. Rool appeared in DK: Jungle Climber, but that was over a decade ago!

So many memories were stirred up inside my head of me playing the original Donkey Kong Country in my youth. Donkey Kong Country Returns was a fun experience, but there was a serious lack of King K. Rool in that game.

The battle between Donkey Kong and King K. Rool can finally be settled in Smash. They even place special emphasis on this heroes vs. villains theme. This is making everyone wonder if this will have something to do with that secret mode in the game's main menu...

Masahiro Sakurai previously stated that he was kind of hoping we weren't expecting too many newcomers, but I can't help but feel like the announcements being made are worth ten characters.

There's not a single doubt in my mind that Ridley, Simon Belmont, and King K. Rool performed extremely well in the Smash Ballot. The amount of fan service and love that's going into this game is truly mind boggling.

MajinTenshinhan's impressions

Castlevania in Smash. No matter how many times I rewatch the trailer or look at the content, it's still hard for me to believe that this pipe dream of mine from more than 10 years ago has finally come to fruition.

Although many people have fond memories of playing Castlevania back on the NES, or even after that, it really never was that big of a series — certainly not on par with the icons like Street Fighter, Final Fantasy and Sonic the Hedgehog which are part of the Smash roster.

On top of that, with all the turbulence over at Konami these last few years, I really couldn't see any scenario where we'd actually be getting this dream of mine realized... And then we did.

What a glorious way they decided to fulfill it in, too. Not only are we getting to choose between classic Simon Belmont and the slightly more modern Richter Belmont circa mid-90s, but we're getting so much more.

Dracula's Castle filled to the brim with classic bosses, a whopping 34 songs from the series rearranged or brought over from other games to enjoy, and even a Dracula stage boss on top of that.

Perhaps biggest of all for me, though, and I know it might sound silly, is the Alucard assist trophy and all the glorious moves he has at his disposal. I always wanted Alucard to be playable the most, though obviously Belmonts have to take precedence, so seeing him get in the game at least in this form, and being one of the toughest assist trophys to go up against with tricky movement and skillful attacks warms my heart.

The part that really sealed the deal above all else for me, as far as the trailer itself went, though, was Richter's entrance onto the scene. Saving Simon for harm, and belting out his classic Symphony of the Night line "Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!"

At that moment, I really didn't know what to do with myself anymore... and everytime I rewatch this magnificent trailer, I feel the same warm feelings all over again. Sakurai and the team behind Super Smash Bros. really brought Castlevania to life in a huge way, and seeing this massive support of a 3rd party franchise that's been such an important part of my gaming life is enough to make a grown man cry (I didn't though... shut up, you're crying!)

Besides Castlevania, the big headline is obvious King K. Rool, the massive baddie from the Donkey Kong Country franchise, and one of my most requested characters since pre-Brawl hype was building, but I know that my colleague Steven "DreamKing" Chavez is going to talk your head off about that one... So, even though K. Rool is a huge deal to me, I'll step aside and talk about something else we got this Direct that really made me happy... Namely Dark Samus.

Now, it might seem weird to get so happy about a simple Echo character — after all, her moves are pretty much identical to Samus, who's been in Super Smash Bros. since the very first game. So what's exciting about it?

Well, as a huge fan of not only the Metroid series in general, but the Prime trilogy in particular, seeing some love for the main antagonist of that amazing trio of games is just awesome.

On top of that, you can tell that they've really paid attention to the source material with her. Despite being a simple echo, her idle stance, her victory poses, even the phazon-esque effects on her attacks just screams Dark Samus, making it feel like she's her own character entirely despite sharing a moveset with our favorite Metroid-blasting heroine.

I'm not going to say that Dark Samus couldn't have done with a completely unique moveset either, that'd be amazing. But it's been 10 years since her last appearance, and as big of a deal as she was for the Metroid Prime trilogy, she's really just not relevant anymore, and Ridley outshines her as the main antagonist of the franchise as a whole.

Having a character like her, who basically has no legitimate claim to join the roster at this time, get proper work put into her and really feel like you can re-enact some of the best battles from the Metroid Prime series, just shows how much Nintendo are working to please the fans, even moreso this time around than ever before.

On top of that, with the inclusion of both Ridley and Dark Samus, Metroid is now perfectly represented in Smash, at least to me. Seeing my 3rd favorite franchise in gaming get such amazing love in the Ultimate Smash Bros. game is just fantastic.

To be sure, this Nintendo Direct was filled with nothing but wins — wins for Nintendo, wins for Konami, wins for the entire Metroidvania subgenre, but most importantly, huge wins for all of us fans.

Be sure to share your own reactions in the comments section!

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