Why are Korean players calling Fujimura 'The Machine?' Find out in this in-depth EVO interview with BornFree

'If I stopped winning games my life would be over. So I have to keep winning'

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 12, 2018 at 3:09 p.m. PDT

Now a top eight finalist for the second time at EVO, FD|Fujimura is regarded as one of the absolute best in the Street Fighter 5 business today.

The Japanese master of conversions sat down with Mr. BornFree after his run at the Las Vegas national this year to talk about his exciting SF5 career.

One of the first things Born asked was in regards to how Fujimura is able to so consistently turn seemingly any hit he scores into a full and flashy combo.

The number one player on the Capcom Pro Tour leaderboards explained he doesn't feel he's quite as faultless in his play as people claim he is, but we get the feeling he's leaning a bit too much on the side of modesty with that answer.

Fuji also details how he trains to get better, which includes tons of time playing but also particular attention to replays to highlight the moments wherein he makes mistakes followed by critical thinking about how to not repeat them.

You can check out timestamps below the video if you'd like to more quickly navigate the interview.

00:00 Context: Gameplay of Fujimura eliminating Caba at EVO 2018, top 8.
00:31 English question: Intro. Fujimura’s name change from Yukadon?
01:49 English answer.
03:12 English question: The Koreans call you “the machine”?
03:34 English answer.
04:11 English question: Smug said you would play for hours and hours and hours straight. His observation when he was in Japan. True?
05:22 English answer.
06:45 English question: What does it take to be as good as you? Detail your training.
07:57 English answer.
08:29 English question: One of the most consistent players I have ever seen. What makes you so consistent in SFV?
10:32 English answer.
11:25 English question: When Nash was nerfed what was your reaction? Do you have emotional connections to characters?
12:58 English answer.
15:40 English question: Why did you pick up Ibuki?
16:17 English answer.
16:45 English question: Are there specific things that you look for in a character in SFV?
17:37 English answer.
17:59 English question: Let’s talk about the RAGE tournament in Japan. Can you tell us a little about your experience?
19:50 English answer.
22:39 More (Nemo wasn’t happy about Itabashi’s success)
21:35 English question: Tell me about Team Fudoh.
22:19 English answer.
23:08 English question: Daigo recently seems to have your number. How have you thought about that?
24:25 English answer.
English question: History in fighting games? First ever fighting game? Were you a natural?
26:28 English answer.
29:29 English question: Why fighting games instead of FPS, etc.?
30:26 English answer.
31:00 English question: Where are you in Japan and who do you train with?
31:28 English answer.
31:46 English question: How was the transition from online to offline? Do you get nervous? How do you overcome it?
32:34 English answer.
35:15 English question: Proudest moment in your career so far?
35:57 English answer.
36:07 English question: You play Ibuki. Do you play a secondary character? Where do you place Ibuki on the tier list? Menat…?
37:04 English answer.
40:21 English question: Favorite player to watch currently? All time?
40:34 English answer.
42:33 English question: How many hours a day / how much work do you put into training each day? Do you take notes?
43:25 English answer.
44:20 English question: Do you have techniques for putting yourself into a winning energy and/or mindset?
45:00 English answer.
45:05 English question: Do you ever get affected by mind games?
45:47 English answer.
46:05 English question: Thoughts on Cody?
46:41 English answer.
47:05 English question: Who is the strongest out of Season 3 so far (pre Sagat and G)? Is Blanka annoying?
47:31 English answer.
48:35 English question: Any characters from previous SF games you’d like to see return?
48:56 English answer.
49:27 English question: Any character that you despise / don’t like playing against?
49:54 English answer.
50:07 English question: Are you interested in any of the new fighting games out or on the horizon? Dragon Ball FighterZ?
50:50 English answer.
51:41 English question: What’s been the hardest point in your fighting game career so far and how did you overcome it?
52:34 English answer.
53:10 English question: Do you have any tips for people traveling and competing, trying to stabilize environment?
54:07 English answer.
54:30 English question: Do you play non fighting games?
55:04 English answer.
55:19 English question: Outside of video games what are you interested in?
55:48 English answer.
56:05 English question: Anything you can’t live without?
56:53 English answer.
57:04 English question: Do you have a quote or a mantra that you live by?
57:34 English question: Let me rephrase the question…how do you inspire yourself?
59:01 English answer.
01:00:13 English question: If you weren’t a pro-gamer what would you be doing?
01:00:28 English answer.
01:00:35 English question: Is there anything we haven’t discussed you’d like to address?
01:01:23 English answer.
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