The Season 2 Pass for Tekken 7 seems to be bringing back some more beloved veteran characters, which important ones are we still missing? — Part 1

If the character you're hoping for isn't part of this list, don't worry — we've got a second part coming, too

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • August 13, 2018 at 7:59 p.m. PDT

Ever since the EVO 2018 reveal that The Walking Dead's Negan is joining the roster of Tekken 7, the internet has been abuzz.

Within the FGC in particular, though, perhaps the more interesting factoid is that we're getting returning characters for the first time since the console launch, in the form of heavy favorites Anna Williams and Lei Wulong.

As detailed in an earlier piece of mine, this has opened up a lot of speculation amognst fans about who else might be coming back, since it was heavily implied that at least one of those other three spots in the season pass is for a returning character, and perhaps even all three of them are.

Now, there are a lot of characters that we've seen throughout the long life of the Tekken franchise — the gargantuan roster of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 should tell you that, where they brought back every single character prior to Tekken 7 and even made a few new ones playable, like Lili's butler Sebastian. That roster topped out at a whopping 60 playable characters.

It's possible that any of these 60 that aren't already in the game could be returning, but with this two-part article series I'm going to keep it a bit more realistic, and focus mainly on characters that have had a notable present in main entries of the franchise and avoid bosses and one-off appearance characters.

It doesn't mean that the characters listed here and in the second part of the article are the only possible additions, but I'd argue that the 14 characters I'll be singling out are the most likely ones, given their history with their franchise, their personalities and fanbase, and their movesets.

So, without further ado, let's have a look at what old favorites are currently missing from Tekken 7 and we might see join the roster alongside returning classics Anna Williams, Lei Wulong and the new guest character Negan.

Armor King

First appearance: Tekken (1994)
Number of games playable: 7
Last seen in: Tekken Revolution (2013)

If you're not a big Tekken guy, then at first glance this might seem ridiculous. His appearance, his style and even his name is clearly extremely similar to King! But, looks can be deceiving.

While there's obviously a connection between King and Armor King — also worth noting that it's more of a persona than one character, with the second, current Armor King being the younger brother of the first one, while the second, current King was brought up in an orphanage ran by the original King (the originals of both personas are deceased in the story at this point) — they're quite distinct from eachother as characters

Armor King, as you can see from his credentials above, is a true classic in the Tekken franchise, having been in since the very first game of the series, and he only sat out Tekken 3 and Tekken 4, which was after the first Armor King had died and the second had yet to appear.

Although King in Tekken 7 has received some moves from Armor King which may make him seem less likely, he's still an important part of franchise history and a popular character with players.

It's pretty obvious from King receiving Armor King moves as well as the initial Tekken 7 roster that Armor King wasn't meant to be in the game, but plans change. Now, with downloadable content on the way in the form of returning favorites, Armor King does have some form of a shot.

Baek Doo San

First appearance: Tekken 2 (1995)
Number of games playable: 5
Last seen in: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2012)

Originally portrayed as a man consumed by darkness and guilt over having killed his own father in a sparring session, the conflicted character of Baek was later developed into a good man with a serious personality and strict values, which he tries to instill in his student, Hwoarang.

Obviously, he also fights with Taekwondo much like his student, who is currently in the Tekken 7 roster, though his moveset and general gameplay approach differs quite a bit from his fiery and impulsive protegé.

While Baek is a classic Tekken character who does add some variety to the roster, he generally ranks on the lower end of popularity and he really doesn't have much story relevance, since his role after the timeskip of Tekken 3 is generally centered around mentoring Hwoarang.

Baek has a chance because of his legacy within the Tekken series, but if you're a fan of this refined gentleman, I'd advise not getting your hopes up too high.

Bruce Irvin

First appearance: Tekken 2 (1995)
Number of games playable: 5
Last seen in: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2012)

The first Muay Thai practictioner of the Tekken series, Bruce had a fairly shortlived presence in the series at first, appearing in Tekken 2 and then disappearing from the narrative entirely, until Tekken 5 made the move of bringing back the majority of missing characters, with Bruce being one of them.

Bruce definitely isn't a major player in the story of Tekken, but he's also an easy inclusion because of his role as one of Kazuya Mishima's henchmen.

Given the story of Tekken 7 sets up the upcoming conflict between Kazuya and his son Jin Kazama, this would make Bruce a sensible addition on story grounds, even if he isn't the most developed character in that area.

What really stands in Bruce's way is the inclusion of Josie Rizal in Tekken 7, a Philippine Eskriam-based kickboxer who has taken a few of Bruce's moves as her own. This is similar to the obstacle standing in Armor King's way, and will recur with other characters in these listings as well.

I wouldn't say that this rules a character out entirely, but it certainly puts a dent in their chances — and Bruce is no exception.

Christie Monteiro

First appearance: Tekken 4 (2001)
Number of games playable: 5
Last seen in: Tekken Revolution (2013)

Christie Monteiro originally debuted in Tekken 4 as something of a replacement for the Capoeira-based fighter Eddy Gordo (though he would also appear as a palette swap for her in the game). She's the granddaughter of Eddy Gordo's master, and at his master's behest, Eddy has trained Christie in their fighting style.

The two characters have been intricately tied since her introduction, even sharing ending movies in most games, and generally having close to identical movesets, presumably due to being trained the exact same way.

Christie is quite the popular character in Tekken, but it seems highly unlikely she'd be released as paid DLC, if anything, she'd be more likely to be a bonus given her similarities to Eddy, unless she receives a massive overhaul to her moveset, which of course could happen.

As it stands right now, though, it's a hard sell to bring in Christie the way she's traditionally been and ask consumers to pay extra for her.


First appearance: Tekken (1994)
Number of games playable: 6
Last seen in: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2012)

All fighting game franchises must have a sumo fighter, and Ganryu fills that role for Tekken. One of the original characters from the very first game, Ganryu's initial story was that he fell into crime and gambling after being banned from competitive sumo due to his questionable conduct, and later joined up with Kazuya Mishima as one of his bodyguards.

Since then, his storyline has taken a more comedic turn, focusing heavily on his obsession with Michelle Chang (and later, her daughter Julia Chang), or him trying to promote his restaurant chain in Hawaii called Chanko Paradise.

Although Ganryu is quite the unique fighter in the Tekken series, he faces perhaps the biggest obstacle of all when it comes to inclusion — he tends to rank dead last in popularity amongst the Tekken characters.

On occasion, Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has referred to Ganryu as his favorite character in all of Tekken, and while it's unclear how seriously these statements can be taken, at least we can be sure that Harada hasn't forgotten about this oddball character.

Julia Chang/Jaycee

First appearance: Tekken 3 (1997)
Number of games playable: 6 (4 as Julia, 2 as Jaycee)
Last seen in: Tekken Revolution (2013)

Julia Chang is the adoptive daughter of Michelle Chang, who was part of the roster in the first two Tekken games, and effectively replaced her mother in the series once the Tekken 3 timeskip happened.

Julia is originally an archeology student, later an archeologist, who is researching reforestation, and gets wound up in the conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation on her travels.

She's been a very popular character since her inclusion, and hasn't missed a single game since Tekken 3 until now, in Tekken 7 (either as Julia or as her wrestling alter-ego Jaycee, introduced in Tekken Tag Tournament 2).

With an unique moveset, big fan support and iconic status as a character, it feels to me like Julia is the closest thing we have to a lock after the announcements of Anna Williams and Lei Wulong joining the roster.

It remains to be seen, but I imagine that next time Bandai Namco shows us a character trailer for Tekken 7, it'll be Julia Chang just to get her out of the way, since everyone is already expecting her.


First appearance: Tekken (1994)
Number of games playable: 5
Last seen in: Tekken Revolution (2013)

Kunimitsu is a curious case of a character who appeared in the first two Tekken games, and then actually stayed dead (with the timeskip in Tekken 3, it was assumed by many that the characters from previous games who didn't appear had been killed by Ogre, the game's boss, though the vast majority later returned in subsequent titles).

Kunimitsu's return in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a few years ago was met with incredible hype, and she was a popular pick throughout that game's life, with many players celebrating her finally returning.

In the story, Kunimitsu is a Manji Clan ninja, who was banished by Yoshimitsu, the group's leader, for stealing from the clan. She enters the King of Iron Fist Tournaments to gain treasure in both of the first two games, with a secondary mission to enact vengeance upon Yoshimitsu for expelling her.

Although she's remained a fairly underdeveloped character largely forgotten by the game's developers, the vast amount of support the character received upon her return in the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament 2 may well have sent them a signal that this is a character to bank on.

Fans have shown that they love her, but is that enough to make her happen? Time will tell...

Thanks for reading this piece, and hopefully you enjoyed it. Who are you hoping to see back in Tekken 7? If your favorite wasn't mentioned in this list, don't worry — there's a second part coming up shortly!

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