Problem X won Street Fighter 5 at EVO in impressive and convincing fashion; let's relive his epic run

He beat at least five players that ended up in top 8

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 9, 2018 at 4:59 p.m. PDT

2018 for Street Fighter 5 started out much the same as when the game first launched in 2016 being dominated largely by PG|Infiltration and FOX|Tokido though that would change in the more recent months with more players winning majors and the crowning of a new EVO champion this past weekend.

Benjamin "Mouz|Problem X" Simon from the United Kingdom joined the ranks of prior past EVO legends by besting more than 2,000 Street Fighter 5 entrants and doing so mainly with the Shadaloo dictator himself, M. Bison — with some Abigail sprinkled in here or there.

The entirety of the top part of the Street Fighter 5 bracket at EVO was stacked with top talent and Problem X had no easy time making his way through to grand finals as he defeated the likes of FD|Fujimura — who has won multiple majors this year including CEO, RB|Bonchan, RB|Luffy in top 16, Gachikun, CYG|Fuudo — who had just sent Tokido to losers and then Problem X would defeat Tokido and eliminate him from the tournament. This means he took down at least five of the players that appeared in top 8.

Problem X has had a consistently strong 2018 regularly placing in the top 32 at most majors he's entered. He previously finished first fittingly at Headstomper 2018, first at Northwest Majors X, 17th at CEO, 25th at VSFighting, fourth at the ELEAGUE 2018 Street Fighter 5 Invitational, ninth at Sonic Boom, 17th at Combo Breaker and 33rd at Final Round.

His win at EVO 2018 bumped him all the way up to number two on the Capcom Pro Tour rankings sitting only 11 points behind FD|Fujimura and ahead of FOX|Tokido and PG|Infiltration. Problem X is also currently only one of two M. Bison players in the top 32 rankings for the Pro Tour.

Simon's play throughout EVO weekend was nothing short of phenomenal using mostly M. Bison with a large amount of patience, waiting for openings, creating his own openings and executing better than anyone else during those three days. Last year's EVO champion and Capcom Cup runner up, Tokido, gave Simon some problems to reset the bracket in grand finals, but Problem X would bounce back seemingly unfazed and perhaps even stronger than ever.

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"Words can not explain my happiness," said Simon on his big EVO win using his Twitter account. "Thank you Mousesports. Thank you everyone who supports me. Great games to everyone I played. UK and Europe have the championship this year. Shad[aloo] rises with some vroom vroom."

Below we'll recap Problem X's matches and victories at EVO 2018 for those that perhaps missed it, or want to see the champion's run yet again.

Problem X made quick work of Bonchan's Nash dashing straight in as soon as the match started and didn't let up until he won 2-0.

During his match with Fujimura, Problem X busted out his backup Abigail and would take advantage of the big boy's reach and armor to take down the CEO champ 2-0 — and quickly at that.

Simon brought out Abigail once again when facing down a very familiar match with Luffy's R. Mika, but Problem ran through and swept the former EVO champ 2-0.

Fuudo appeared to be playing some of the best games of his SF5 career sending Tokido to losers just before facing Problem X in winners finals. Their match came down to final game, final round, but Simon was able to completely dominate Fuudo in that final round making him look like a total mind reader with Crush Counter after Crush Counter and hopping out of Fuudo's wake-up Critical Art attempt.

It all came down to Tokido and Problem X — two players left out of more than 2,000 competitors at EVO. The pair would trade blows in the first set, but Tokido would end up resetting the bracket and sent Problem to losers side. Simon would instantly turn it around and sweep the second and final set from Tokido 3-0 to be crowned the new EVO champ.

Congratulations to the new EVO 2018 Street Fighter 5 champion, Mr. Problem X.

Photo Credits: Chris Bahn/Red Bull Content Pool

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