What's the real reason Negan is coming to Tekken 7? History Behind the Warrior tries to make sense of this somewhat peculiar choice

Little pig, little pig, here's why you let me in

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 8, 2018 at 5:06 p.m. PDT

Guest characters are a big thing nowadays in fighting games as not only have we seen plenty in the way of crossovers, iconic figures from non-fighting game franchises have begun poking their heads into combat arenas to lock horns with the likes of Liu Kang, Heihachi Mishima and Yoshimitsu.

EVO 2018 was filled with surprises and Bandai Namco's presentation of new content absolutely delivered as audiences were very excited to find that a whole new season of content will be coming to Tekken 7 complete with a handful of new DLC characters.

While Anna and Lei were amongst the ranks of the most requested characters not yet in Tekken 7 the final reveal, though hype, had fans just as puzzled as they were excited. The Walking Dead's Negan will be making his way into T7 next season.

While we can certainly see the bat-wielding baddy give and take his fair share of punches, it's fairly rare we see a non-video game character make their way into a fighter. Mortal Kombat, with its darker and gorier themes, have brought on some horror movie icons in recent years, but this still feels pretty out of left field.

In a recent video of his History Behind the Warrior takes a stab at explaining the reason why the ever so charismatic bad guy has made his way into the world's most popular 3D fighter.

A bit of backstory about the roots of the television version of The Walking Dead along with the details of the turmoil the show finds itself in in present day makes for an argument that could potentially explain why we're seeing one of the show's iconic characters (two if you count Lucille) branch out in this way.

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