Nemo already has perhaps the craziest G in Street Fighter 5; appears to be picking him up as a sub to go with Urien for his robbery potential

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 8, 2018 at 1:51 p.m. PDT

G and Sagat haven't even been out for two full days yet, but players like RB|Bonchan are already going in hard with their former main while others like Liquid|Nemo are quickly finding out what the new presidential character can do.

Nemo is best known in Street Fighter 5 as perhaps the best Urien player in the world though it seems like he's found a new complementary character in G already after only a day.

Xuses posted a compilation of Nemo taking G into online and taking down Master and Grand Master ranked players with the President of the World on day one. He does take advantage of players' inexperience against the new character though he also shows some crazy setups and mix-ups revealing more potential for the fighter.

Nemo appears to be one of the few players out there currently taking full advantage of the new character's G Charge cancelling mechanic at nearly every opportunity to raise G's Presidentiality level to make his rush punches and other moves even more dangerous.

In a recent post on Twitter, Nemo says that he's "not sure how strong G really is, but he sees some great robbery potential in him," and that he "may use the character to fill in for any of Urien's less favorable match ups" meaning we might be seeing even more G use from Nemo as the year progresses.

His current play style appears to revolve around attacking from afar until he builds his Presidentiality level or V-Trigger 1, so Nemo can fully go in and take advantage of G's powered up attacks and stronger combos. You can take a look at Nemo's G doing work against Ryu in the highlight below and the full compilation after the jump.

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