G has great tools, is an absolute blast to play, and is one of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's most unique characters

Don't sleep on the President of the World!

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 8, 2018 at 8:01 p.m. PDT

Goodness gracious! Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's G is one interesting character.

After months of build up and very little information to work with, we finally got a chance to see what the Street Fighter 5 newcomer and fifth Season 3 DLC character can do. During his big gameplay reveal on Sunday, the tall presidential fighter showcased flashy rush punches, golden energy bursting on screen, and a big voice telling us of his desire to push the power of the people of the Earth.

Not long after his reveal, the masses were able to officially purchase G, and much like plenty of others in the fighting game community undoubtedly did I wasted no time in trying the newcomer out for myself. Though Sagat was released alongside G, I've found myself putting more time into G.

At first, G feels kind of strange to use. Despite having spent time learning many of the characters on the Street Fighter 5 roster, I found myself a little lost when trying to figure out how to approach actually using him in battle.

All of his special moves are unsafe on block, and his normal attacks are, for the most part, short-ranged. Closing the distance can be an issue initially, and generally speaking G wants to be up close and personal with his opponents to pressure with medium punches, his overhead, and command throw.

A major component that is unique to G is his presidential meter, which can be raised to level three and done so either manually or by pressing two punches after many of G's attacks. Each level you achieve improves his special moves, and this trait is the bedrock of G's entire playstyle in Street Fighter 5.

Once you stock your presidentiality, things get really dangerous for the opponent.

Gaining presidential levels is easier said than done due to the fact that safely powering up requires specific set ups coming from successful hits or distance against an opponent that doesn't have a fireball or long-range punish. If you get knocked down, you lose one level, so utilizing this mechanic properly and retaining your strength is a constant battle and requires another level of awareness that most characters in Street Fighter 5 don't have.

Instead of trying to go in straight away and maul the opponent, G has to typically sit back for a bit and try to stock his presidential levels. Fortunately, his anti-airs are fairly strong, especially back + heavy punch, and he can safely power up from successful back + heavy punch or V-Skill anti-air.

Once he's stocked up to level 3, G can actually put pressure on the opponent with his projectile, forcing a jump in that he can capitalize on and then move in. Everything is more dangerous when he's fully presidential, with bread and butter rush punch combos dealing over 300 damage without the use of meter.

G becomes really terrifying with his V-Triggers active. Maximum President (V-Trigger 1) gives him full presidential meter that does not go away with knockdowns, while Dangerous President (V-Trigger 2) adds a devastating uppercut and an armored command throw to his arsenal.

I've spent most of my time using V-Trigger 1, and this Trigger definitely feels like it has "robbery" qualities, while also being multi-purpose. Whether I want to use my V-Trigger meter to cancel special moves into each other during a combo for added damage or pressuring the opponent with fireball into V-Skill (which becomes a multi-hit projectile with Maximum President), V-Trigger 1 really dials everything up for G and makes him really scary to fight.

With his presidential levels at max, G can apply strong pressure to the opponent or sit back and play lame with fireballs. Though he's not completely useless with zero presidential meter built up, getting leveled up is crucial to finding success with this character.

G's playstyle and tools are quite different from what we've seen in Street Fighter 5 so far. Couple that with his over the top personality, his amazing overall design — especially the gold markings shaped like continents on his body that continually revolve around him during the match — and his incredibly fun playstyle and you have one of the game's most unique characters to date.

If you haven't had the opportunity to play G in Street Fighter 5 yet, I highly recommend you do so. He's going to take some getting used to, but once you're over the hump you'll find yourself at the helm of a character with great tools and some of the best lines of dialogue in the game.

I dare you not to get hype when G says "Light it up!" during his Critical Art. I dare ya!

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