Sagat and G are now officially available for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Do you play the King or the President?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 6, 2018 at 3:41 p.m. PDT

Most people tuning into or attending EVO last night were probably expecting to see G finally revealed for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, but many were also hoping for a Sagat reveal or at least teaser alongside it. We got both, and not only that because they release today.

Sagat and G are now officially available in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition following the scheduled server maintenance which follows the inclusion of every DLC character in the game.

Sagat is the "King of Muay Thai" and has been a staple of the Street Fighter franchise since his days as the final boss of the original title where Ryu would scar his chest and cement their rivalry. Many players out there have been asking for the king's return since season one of SF5, but now he's finally here.

G is the self-proclaimed "President of the World" and wields mysterious Earth-themed powers including the gold which can be seen on his skin and lava which is part of his V-Trigger and some of his specials.

Each character will cost $5.99 USD or 100,000 Fight Money for those who have been saving up their in-game currency from missions and Story Mode.

You can check out the characters and their costumes, trailers and moves below. Stay tuned to EventHubs for impressions and tips for playing the characters in the coming days.

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G General Information

G is unique due to the fact that he has a third meter system outside of the V-gauge and the Critical Art gauge. This meter is called the Presidentiality level.

By utilizing the G Charge, G's Presidentiality level will raise to its maximum level of three. His special moves are more powerful based on his Presidentiality level. Every time he's knocked down, he loses a level.

G Smash Over is normally a quick lunging punch that sends an opponent flying. If his Presidentiality level is at level three, then the attack will hit twice and cause a wall bounce.

G Smash Under is like G Smash Over, but it must be blocked low and causes a knockdown. At level three, it hits twice.

G Burst is a downward molten projectile. While powered up at level three, there will be some sort of splash effect when it touches the ground. Following this, magma will shoot at an upward angle.

G Spin Kick causes G to kick downwards at an angle while airborne. Projectile invulnerability is gained with level three.

G impact is a command grab that has follow ups. With level three Presidentiality level, this command grab dishes out more hits and damage. The opponent will be launched.

Message to the People causes G to deliver a speech that gains Critical Art meter. This is unaffected by G's Presidentiality level.

Note that G Charge can be cancelled into from some of his special moves.

G's V-Skill — G Barrier

G will emit a force field around his body. If the opponent makes contact with this force field, they'll be launched.

Juggles are possible with G's V-Skill. This can even be used while airborne. Finally, it's capable of absorbing projectiles.

Click image for animated version

G's V-Trigger 1 — Maximum President

G's first V-Trigger becomes available with three bars of V-gauge. While active, all special moves are automatically powered up as though G's Presidentiality level was at its maximum effect.

The G Barrier is now capable of being thrown like a projectile. This can even be done in the air!

G's V-Trigger 2 — Dangerous President

Here is G's two bar V-gauge option. G gains access to a brand new mode while in this state. It's called "G Explosion."

Activate by pressing heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time. Any special move can be cancelled into G Explosion. This will launch the opponent.

G Rage is also available. This is a command grab that has a hit of armor.

G's Critical Art — Pangaea Burst

G points his finger at the ground then shoots beam from that finger. The ground will begin erupting in a line. The opponent will obviously take big damage if caught in this.

Sagat General Information

Sagat is back with many of his iconic and classic special moves. He doesn't need to go into V-Trigger in order to use his Tiger Shots!

Grand Tiger Shot — formerly known as the Low Tiger Shot — is capable of hitting crouching opponents. The trade off is that it deals less damage and is less safe.

It wouldn't be Sagat without his Tiger Uppercut. The same could be said of his Tiger Knee Crush.

Sagat's V-Skill — Angry Charge

Remember Sagat's Angry Scar special in Super Street Fighter 4? This technique returns as Sagat's V-Skill.

Using this causes Sagat to power up his next Tiger Uppercut. Damage and stun is increased as a result.

Sagat's V-Trigger 1 — Tiger Charge

This is Sagat's three bar V-Trigger. This is activated by pressing heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time after the initial trigger.

Sagat throws out a powerful, multi-hit Tiger Cannon by doing this. This can cancelled into from any of Sagat's normal attacks.

Sagat's V-Trigger 2 — Tiger Assault

now for Sagat's two bar V-Trigger. Tiger Spike is unlocked.

By pressing heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time, Sagat will perform a spin kick that has armor on its start up. Hold the buttons for its max duration for guard crush properties.

Tiger Rush is performed by pressing forward, heavy punch, and heavy kick at the same time. This is essentially an alternate version of Sagat's Tiger Knee special move.

Sagat's Critical Art — Tiger Rampage

A standard Critical Art that deals big damage through a series of punches and kicks. Sagat keeps it flashy by finishing the opponent with a flaming Tiger Uppercut.

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