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Clues to G's reveal and story have been assembled for Street Fighter 5; prominent FGC members received separate pieces to combine

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 3, 2018 at 6:37 p.m. PDT • Comments: 73

G's reveal as the next character of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition seems like more than a sealed deal for EVO at this weekend due to all of the pretty blatant hints Capcom is currently putting out.

As they did with Blanka, Falke and Cody before, Capcom changed their Street Fighter Twitter icon to reference something about the new character changing to a globe with a golden ring around it for G.

Earlier today, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono shared some laminated pieces of aged-looking paper with fragments of sentences written in a calligraphy like style, and it appears that more pieces were shared among EVO attendees today.

Street Fighter players and commentators including FOX|Justin Wong, LU|Alex Valle, James Chen and LI Joe among others each "found" a piece of the puzzle made up of nine pieces of paper which appear to create some sort of proclamation with an illustration of the world from the mysterious figure known as G.

When compiled together — as Twitter user Eric D. did — the proclamation makes mention of knowledge, the "power of Earth" and the will to bring everything together with the purpose of creating Pangaea — the prehistoric supercontinent made up of our current continents combined as one.

Eric D. also discovered that combining all of the first words and numbers of the proclamation reads "TOP 8 AT EVO" meaning we'll almost assuredly see his reveal Sunday night at Street Fighter 5's EVO Finals, and the words "Smash," "Over," "Under," "Burst," "Charge," "President," and "Impact" are all capitalized which may give us some more clues as to his play style. You can check out the full message and code in the gallery below — or in text after the jump if you don't want to load up images.

G's complete proclamation image #1 G's complete proclamation image #2
Click images for larger versions

To the people of Earth who yearn for unification

Only you have discovered the knowledge I have bestowed upon you

Presented with this knowledge, you will now understand my purpose

One voice pleas the seven continents to carry mankind

All that divides us, I will Smash Over and Under to Burst

The Impact of my dream will charge us with the power of Earth

Every Charge you build will strengthen my voice

Victory will be will be achieved once we become Pangaea once again

One world where I will be your President

Sent in by Phoenix_Reborn

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