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Capcom gives us a teasing glance at MenaRD's custom Pro Tour Birdie costume for Street Fighter 5

We have to admit the little we see here is pretty godlike

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 2, 2018 at 6:14 a.m. PDT • Comments: 45

While winning Capcom Cup earns you a pretty penny in the form of a check worth more than $200,000 along with the fame and prestige of becoming the strongest Street Fighter 5 player on the planet, everyone knows the real reason players compete is for the custom character outfit you get to help make.

GGP|Kazunoko brought us Necalli's Samurai costume, 2016's CPT champ, Ghost|NuckleDu, brought us some new threads for Guile and now RISE|MenaRD has created an all new outfit for Birdie.

We have yet to see the full costume on the fattened Alpha character, but Capcom released a hinting image yesterday via Twitter that shows the end of Birdie's chain has been fitted with a trophy marked "RD."

We currently get to see nothing of Birdie's actual clothing, though we suspect we may get a full reveal at EVO this weekend especially if the CapCup champ makes good on his recent claim that he'll win the whole thing.

This is actually kind of a perfect tease as it doesn't really tell us anything at all about what the rest of Birdie may look like. Perhaps the purple hue of the cup will match some of the rest of the attire?

You can view the full image by clicking the thumbnail here and then chime into the comments with what you think the reigning champ did with the rest of the costume.

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