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Falke has great range, an invincible reversal and more; here's what we've learned so far about Street Fighter 5's newest character

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 17, 2018 at 4:25 p.m. PDT • Comments: 55

Capcom is opening the flood gates on the newest addition to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Falke, with live streamed events over at Winner Stays On and Capcom Unity to break down what the Guardian Hawk can do in battle.

Since Falke is a staff wielding fighter, it should be expected that she should have some long ranged normals and special moves, and she does not disappoint in this department. Some of her moves do appear to be a bit stubby, like her sweep, but most of her other medium and heavy attacks as well as her specials can hit opponents from a good distance.

Falke does not possess a three frame normal or special, but her EX version of Psycho Schneide uppercut move is an invincible reversal and performs much like Ed's Psycho Upper. She does have an air throw that was not shown in the initial trailer.

Like Ed, however, Falke does not appear to have a standard overhead normal attack and must use airborne attacks to mix-up crouching opponents. She does have a different tool in her mix-up game though with a command normal that hits low while she is standing and can be linked after to combo.

Also like Ed, Falke's specials are not performed by standard motions or charges and are instead performed by pressing two punch or kick buttons together for her uppercut and vaulting attack or holding down and releasing a punch button to perform her projectile special.

Let's get the breakdown started off here with her currently highest damaging combo known that uses both her V-Trigger and Critical Art for over 560 damage and 710 stun.

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Falke's normals

Falke has a standing low normal with down-forward heavy kick that is +6 on hit and +2 on block. It has a slower start up, but hits the opponent low and allows for a medium follow up on hit. Her standing MP is +8 on hit and can combo standing MK and HP on counter hit while forward HP and standing HK are crush counter normals.


Falke spins her staff for her V-skill and can be comboed into from her normals. The move absorbs standard fireballs, and can reflect normal or EX fireballs while in V-trigger. She also gets the ability to cancel V-Skill in to other specials while V-Trigger 2 is active.

Air Stomp

Falke can perform a vertical divekick or air stomp during her forward, neutral or even back jumps. The kick can in fact cross up opponents, but can also leave her vulnerable in the air after popping up following the hit.


Falke can charge her fireball shots by holding down and releasing a punch button though there is no EX version of this Special. She can perform a standing shot, jumping shot or a crouching shot that will go under fireballs. Her air shot can be fired during a back jump. Shots take about a second and a half to charge and can be charged before a match. The charges are indicated by a purple glow that charges around Falke's hand.

Falke's vaulting special is performed by pressing two kick attacks and launches her a good distance across the screen. The move is quite negative on block, but the EX version launches the opponent into the air for follow up potential combos.

She also has an uppercut special that is performed with two punches, and the EX version is an invincible reversal.

V-Trigger 1

Falke's V-Trigger 1 enhances her shot specials where she gets three shots with V-Trigger 1 that can combo into each other, and the shots have extra hits and durability for extra hit and block stun. She also gets the ability to cancel jumping air punches into her air shot.

V-Trigger 2

Falke's V-Trigger 2 activation is a hit that is very minus on block. V-Skill can be cancelled into the V-Trigger specials with one being a standing strike and the second a jumping overhead swing that is positive on block. Players can get about get four special uses in V-Trigger 2 and the activation is cancellable into Critical Art.

We should find out even more about the Guardian Hawk when she drops next week on April 24th.

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