'If people want a verdict from me, then it is this: Ryu is weak... so weak it gives me the shivers' - Daigo on Season 3.5 of Street Fighter 5

Plus commentary on Abigail and Rashid nerfs

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • April 15, 2018 at 3:54 p.m. PDT

During a recent streaming session CYG|Daigo Umehara spoke with Orikasa about a few of the changes we've seen in Street Fighter 5 since the 3.5 update patch.

Umehara has been labeled as a Ryu champion because of his performances with the Street Fighter poster boy over the years, but it seems that the Japanese god truly isn't satisfied with his former main, whom he switched away from for Guile over a year ago.

"One way or the other, if people want some kind of a verdict from me, then it is this: Ryu is WEAK. No change. He's so weak it gives me shivers," said the Beast.

"He was supposed to get stronger, they increased his firepower, his punishes became stronger. I don't understand. Regarding Crush Counters, Ryu isn't a character who fishes for CC so Crush Counters becoming weaker isn't a big deal," he continued.

"Plus the characters he struggles against like Rashid got weaker, and his st.mk got buffed. So it's like they were trying to buff him thinking 'let's buff this... and this... and this too,' but it's nowhere near enough. At all."

Here's the full bit from the blurb. Read on to see Daigo's thoughts on nerfing Rashid and Abigail.

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Daigo didn't seem too upset with the changes to Abby, but did have some words of caution about what Capcom did to Rashid.

"[I]f we talk about Rashid as a character from the perspective of the whole game: there are a lot of things he can do, his ability to easily escape the corner etc. I thought was the essence of the problem with him. I too thought it wasn't good (for the game)," he noted.

"Except for those, he was probably fine. If a character like him gets nerfed, the talk boils down to 'Are you okay with fighting really easy-to-use characters?' That probably isn't fun for both the players and the audience."

The Beast spoke a little more on both Ryu and the nerfing of the top tiers, and you can view the full translation from r/Street Fighter here.

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