Falke can utilize Psycho Power differently from others? VesperArcade speculates on the upcoming Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition character

Could Falke have the ability to imbue her bo staff with Psycho Power?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • April 15, 2018 at 10:49 a.m. PDT

A Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition trailer for Falke is surely imminent. The Street Fighter Twitter page has been teasing information about the upcoming character.

Her first "test report" confirms Falke to be a clone that is able to utilize Psycho Power. Is Falke simply another clone of M. Bison like Ed?

Falke's second test report indicates that Falke was exhibiting signs of emotional anguish during the testing process. Apparently, she had a yearning for freedom that the scientists took notice of.

Finally, the Twitter page's logo was updated to show Falke's bo staff. As expected at this point, it was surrounded by purple Psycho Power.

In reaction to all of this, VesperArcade has released a video that has him speculating on what Falke might be like. We've only gotten small glimpses of her and her personality in Ed's character story and the full Arcade Edition trailer before these teases.

VesperArcade highlighted some interesting points that may shine more light on how Falke could play. He takes notice of the fact that Falke is apparently able to utilize Psycho Power in a manner that is somehow "different" than the other test subjects. Maybe she is able to imbue her weapon of choice with this power?

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