Raiden in Injustice 2 incorporates a high risk, high reward playstyle with his 'Elder God damage'- character breakdown

Still quite possibly the coolest super in Injustice 2

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • September 29, 2017 at 5:15 p.m. PDT | Comments: 7

The next character that will be releasing for Injustice 2 is Raiden. This is a character that Mortal Kombat fans are sure to recognize.

Raiden will be joining fellow Mortal Kombat character Sub-Zero, Red Hood, Starfire, and Black Manta as the game's DLC characters. After Raiden, we'll start getting information on Hell Boy and the three remaining DLC characters that we know will eventually come to Injustice 2.

Ultimate edition pack holders will be able to play this Elder God starting on October 3rd. That's just this upcoming Tuesday.

Netherrealm Studios had another Watchtower stream today that went over the properties of Raiden's moves. We have the basic gist of what was covered here for your convenience.

First off, we should take another look at Raiden's super. It might just be the coolest super in Injustice 2 so far...

IOf course, Raiden also has a premiere skin where you can play as Black Lightning instead. While the properties and damage of the super is exactly the same, the animation is slightly different.

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Raiden is described as being a character that will appeal to "crazy players." He sports a very high risk, high reward playstyle as a result of his "Elder God damage," as they put it.

What's unique about this particular Mortal Kombat character are the properties of his F3 (forward + heavy). It's a double hitting move.

In addition to this, you can actually special cancel the first hit of this overhead. Hilariously enough, you can cancel it into an overhead bounce cancel up to two times with full meter.

Raiden's projectile has some pretty standard uses. You won't win zoning wars against a character like Deadshot, but it certainly has its uses.

You can also charge it an cancel it by dashing. If you charge it enough, then the opponent will be knocked down upon hit.

Utilizing the meter burn option will grant combo followups.

Of course, Raiden also has a number of classic moves you'd expect from him. His flying man, vicinity blast, and his electrocute. There's also his teleport which should be very interesting in a game that requires players to hold back in order to block.

All of these moves have meter burn follow ups too.

Finally, Raiden's trait will temporarily enhance his entire moveset. Certain combo strings can be held for additional hits.

Meanwhile his specials will have additional properties such as a longer pop up on his meter burned electrocute so that he can follow up with a B3 (back + heavy).

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