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Northern Arena Knockout results feat. NuckleDu, Momochi, Yukadon, Smug, Phenom

$30,000 is up for grabs at this 16-man invitational

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 21, 2017 at 7:50 p.m. PDT • Comments: 16

Updated with final results: We've added in the results for Northern Arena Knockout into this story. You can find them all below, along with battle logs of how things broke down.

Sixteen players are battling it out in Toronto for a prize pool of no less than $30,000 at Northern Arena Knockout.

The Street Fighter 5 competition is fierce as such players as Liquid|NuckleDu, FOX|Momochi, BX3|Phenom, FOX|Justin Wong, EG|K-Brad, INFS|ImStillDaDaddy, Rise|Marn, Rise|Smug, YouDeal|Yukadon, EG|NYChrisG, SB|Dieminion, duke it out.

Eleven of the event's competitors were invited based on past Street Fighter performances, but the remaining five have gone through the ringer to qualify for their shots at the big names as well as their part of the $30k that's up for grabs.

First place will be taking home a cool $12,000, while second gets $7,500. You can see the full prize placing breakdown as well as other details over at the event home page.

This adds yet another high profile event to an already incredibly busy weekend for the fighting game community. The double elimination invitational runs through today September 21, 2017.

You can catch the action live by checking out the stream embed below.

Street Fighter 5 — Results

1. FOX|Momochi (Ken)
2. YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki)
3. BX3|Phenom (Necalli, Guile)
4. Rise|Smug (Balrog)
5. Liquid|NuckleDu (Guile, R. Mika)
5. INFS|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile, Laura)
7. FOX|Justin Wong (Karin, Ed)
7. SB|Dieminion (Guile, Ed)

9. L.E.S (M. Bison)
9. STDx|Sin (M. Bison)
9. BLMRBL|OrangeMan (Rashid)
9. AAO|Drae "Yomi" Games (Laura, Necalli)
13. EG|K-Brad (Cammy)
13. Rise|Marn (Ibuki, R. Mika)
13. EG|NYChrisG (Guile)
13. AFG (Karin)

Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, set two: FOX|Momochi (Ken) eliminated YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) 3-0.

• Grand finals, set one: YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) beat FOX|Momochi (Ken) 3-0.

• Losers finals: YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) eliminated BX3|Phenom (Necalli, Guile) 3-0.

• Losers semi-finals: BX3|Phenom (Necalli) eliminated Rise|Smug (Balrog) 3-2.

• Winners finals: FOX|Momochi (Ken) beat YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) 3-2.

• BX3|Phenom (Necalli) eliminated Liquid|NuckleDu (Guile, R. Mika) 3-0.

• Rise|Smug (Balrog) eliminated INFS|ImStillDaDaddy (Laura, Guile) 3-1.

• Winners semi-finals: YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) beat BX3|Phenom (Necalli) 3-2.

• Winners semi-finals: FOX|Momochi (Ken) beat INFS|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) 3-1.

• Liquid|NuckleDu (Guile) eliminated FOX|Justin Wong (Ed, Karin) 3-2.

• Rise|Smug (Balrog) eliminated SB|Dieminion (Ed) 3-1.

Top 16 battle log

• Liquid|NuckleDu (R. Mika) eliminated STDx|Sin (M. Bison) 2-0.

• EG|Justin Wong (Karin) eliminated BLMRBL|OrangeMan (Rashid) 2-0.

• Rise|Smug (Balrog) eliminated L.E.S (M. Bison) 2-1.

• SB|Dieminion (Guile, Ed) eliminated AAO|Drae "Yomi" Games (Laura, Necalli) 2-1.

• YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) beat AAO|Drae "Yomi" Games (Laura) 2-0.

• BX3|Phenom (Necalli) beat L.E.S (M. Bison) 2-0.

• INFS|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) beat BLMRBL|OrangeMan (Rashid) 2-1.

• FOX|Momochi (Ken) beat STDx|Sin (M. Bison) 2-0.

• Liquid|NuckleDu (Guile) eliminated EG|NYChrisG (Guile) 2-0.

• EG|Justin Wong (Karin) eliminated AFG (Karin) 2-0.

• Rise|Smug (Balrog) eliminated Rise|Marn (R. Mika) 2-0.

• SB|Dieminion (Ed) eliminated EG|K-Brad (Cammy) 2-1.

Opening round matches

• AAO|Drae "Yomi" Games (Laura) beat Liquid|NuckleDu (Guile) 2-1.

• YouDeal|Yukadon (Ibuki) beat EG|NYChrisG (Guile) 2-0.

• L.E.S (M. Bison) beat FOX|Justin Wong (Karin) 2-0.

• BX3|Phenom (Necalli) beat AFG (Karin) 2-0.

• BLMRBL|OrangeMan (Rashid) beat Rise|Smug (Balrog) 2-1.

• INFS|ImStillDaDaddy (Guile) beat Rise|Marn (Ibuki) 2-0.

• STDx|Sin (M. Bison) beat EG|K-Brad (Cammy) 2-0.

• FOX|Momochi (Ken) beat SB|Dieminion (Guile) 2-1.

Stream hosted by Northern Arena.Submitted by Tactix555.

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