In the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta, Android 16 went from being the fighter I dreaded to try to my favorite point character

Feels like an ideal point character that can work for any team

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • September 18, 2017 at 7:24 p.m. PDT

So when the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta started, I decided that I would go through the entire cast of available fighters to get a good feel for everything. I gave each character at least two tries before switching to another team.

Slowly but surely, I was starting to get a good idea of which combatants felt the most comfortable to me. In terms of which of them I was actually a fan of, I have no real attachments to anyone in the series.

As I was approaching the last batch of "Z warriors" to try, I realized that Android 16 was among them. I... was actually dreading this.

Grapplers were never really my thing in fighting games. More than that, I knew that these type of fighters have never really worked out too well in the Marvel vs. Capcom series (which this game is pretty similar to).

I had nothing against the the 16th of Dr. Gero's android, but bulky fighters would often be very hard to use and unrewarding in fighting games like this. I was only just starting to find my stride in the game so trying to switch to Android 16 was very likely to lead to disastrous results.

Eventually I just said "screw it, let's do this!" While I intended to only play this mechanical fighter two or three times, I ended up incorporating him into the remaining games I played for the beta.

One of the things I quickly realized was that Android 16's heavy attack was very similar to Hulk's Gamma Charge special in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. But most impressively, this move had super armor.

Given, there was a bit of startup before the armor would actually kick in, but this move would basically beat out any normal or special if spaced correctly. If you connected a hit, you could followup with a combo and put the opponent immediately into the corner right as the match starts.

While this move did appear to be unsafe if blocked, this was something that could be easily mitigated in a game like this. As long as you have additional characters, you can perform assists to make your unsafe attacks safe.

Now I'm very aware that the level of play during the beta wasn't exactly the highest as very few people has had a lot of time to flesh out the meta, but I was definitely getting the sense that this combatant had a lot of potential.

I was definitely taking advantage of the fact that everybody was pressing buttons once the match started. With the exception of a certain Trunks player, I was able to beat everyone else's buttons.

If I ran into another player that had Android 16 as their point character, I was able to beat their armored attack with a dragon rush (similar to a grab, it beats armor). If I knew the opponent was going to block instead of press buttons, I dragon rushed them too.

Once I made the right read on the opponent at the very start of the match, I would immediately place the opponent in the corner. From there, I would basically just be able to maul opponents with Android 16's other normals -- these seemed to be very strong.

Keep in mind I was just sticking to basic strategies here. I wasn't doing anything quite as advanced as HiFight, for example...

Click image for animated version

I am certainly well aware that this is probably not a long term strategy once people start to become more familiar with character options. It was pretty much a gimmick.

However, my thought process is that once people start respecting this more, it will condition them to play more defensively against Android 16. This is where the real fun will start with him.

For me personally, I felt as though Android 16 was the best point character to start with in the beta (I could obviously be wrong here). The amount of initiative available to 16 at the very start seemed greater than the other characters.

At the very start, the opponent is locked into a mixup. This could potentially lead to a fighter's death if they guess wrong.

Once Android 16's usefulness as a point character has expired, the suicide explosion level 3 (thus dropping 16's health to just a sliver) can end a second combatant if you are successful at landing it. It doesn't matter how much health they have remaining.

Android 16 might be a grappler that inspires fear like no other grappler has before in other fighters that are similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ. I tend to enjoy fighters that are able to condition opponents like this.

In the end, my favorite team ended up being Android 16, Frieza, and then Vegeta. I got the most experience with Android 16 as most of the matches would end with 16 dismantling the opponent's entire team.

As a result of this, Android 16 is basically locked as my favorite character from the beta. I'm certainly eager to explore this fighter more once I am able to get access to a training room.

GIF Sources: HiFightTH.

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