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Android 21 is a central figure in the Dragon Ball FighterZ story, here are translated details for this brand new character

Yamcha and Tien are respectively rush down and well rounded

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 16, 2017 at 8:40 a.m. PDT • Comments: 47

Big news on the Dragon Ball FighterZ front today as three new characters have been announced.

Two of these are long time Dragon Ball figures in Yamcha and Tien, but the third is an all new fighter that hasn't been featured in the anime at all: Android 21.

Android 21 is DBF's second female character, donning a somewhat scholarly look complete with reading glasses, a dress and high heel shoes that we can't even begin to imagine taking a Dragon Ball-style kick from.

Today's reveal is all in Japanese, but our own Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor (yes, his name is a direct reference to Tien) has translated the details for us.

Android #21

Designed by Akira Toriyama, 21 is central character in the story mode. Her intellect rivals even that of Dr. Gero (the creator of the Androids, Cell and Red Ribbon Army.) She seems related to Android #16's revival in the story mode.

Android 21 does not have any fighting statistics at this time, and at this point there is technically nothing that implies she will actually be a playable character. Here are the images of the reveal in case you missed them.

Yamcha, Tien, and Android 21 image #1 Yamcha, Tien, and Android 21 image #2
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Yamcha is a rushdown character who specializes in grounded combat. From his signature Rouga Fuu Fuu Ken (Wolf Fang Fist), he has mixups and followups which makes him a real threat on the ground.

His Super, the Soukidan (Spirit Ball) can be controlled via additional inputs while his Meteo Super is the Shin Rouga Fuu Fuu Ken (True Wolf Fang Fist).

Power - 2
Speed - 4
Reach - 2
Technique - 3
Energy - 2


Overwhelms his opponents with high power and high move variety. Using his Kikouhou, Dodonpa, Haikyuuken (Volleyball Fist) and even being suppotred by Chaozu's Psychic Powers as an assist, his move variety is fascinating.

His nostalgic Volleyball Fist makes an appearance, and with Chaozu's psychic abilities he can seal his opponent's movement. His Meteo Super is the Shin Kikouhou, where he flies up high and releases an incredibly powerful Kikouhou. With additional inputs, you can keep firing several blasts of it.

Editor's Note: This character's name is "Tenshinhan" in the original Japanese version, but translated to "Tien Shinhan" in the English version.

Power - 3
Speed - 3
Reach - 3
Technique - 3
Energy - 2
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