Can Frieza be trusted as an ally, if only for the short term? His conceptual design and history speaks volumes

Which allegiance benefits Frieza the most?

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • September 15, 2017 at 7:23 p.m. PDT

It's not too surprising that Frieza was among one of the first playable characters announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ. He's pretty much become the most iconic antagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise at this point.

Other villainous characters that were killed off did not return several years later, for example. This aspect is entirely unique to this villain alone.

Despite looking as though he was killed off on Namek during his and Goku's first encounter, he survived thanks to his father's intervention. After being killed on Earth, he would again return with a brand new form many, many years later as a result of his minions wishing him back with the dragon balls.

Despite being killed again, he is now participating in the "Tournament of Power" as an ally to those that he probably hates most of all, ironically. His teammates are, justifiably so, very wary of Frieza's intentions.

Before the tournament began, it seems Frieza and Frost, an alternate counterpart of him that hails from Universe 6, have come to some sort of agreement. Can this character really be trusted?

Be sure you understand that beyond this point there are spoilers for a future episode of the Dragon Ball Super anime.

First off, it's important to understand what Frieza is based off of. At the time in which the Frieza saga was being written, Japan was in a bit of an economic bubble.

As a result of this, Frieza is based on the concept of property land sharks in Japan during the late 1980s. Toriyama, the creator of the series, himself has claimed that real estate speculators like this were "the worst sort of people."

Rather than doing this with homes, the villain conquered planets and added them to his empire. This seems to indicate that he is a conniving schemer as you might expect from a property land shark.

Someone like this, based on what Toriyama perceived as, only has their own interests in mind. This is very much so reflected in how this antagonist has acted throughout the series.

Even after he was revived, he instructed his minions not to revive his own father. This, despite the fact that King Cold at one point revived him by building him a new body.

If he has no love for his own father in this way, you probably wouldn't be too surprised to hear about his abusive antics towards his henchmen. You could always tell that they feared their master.

Imagine how he'd work with his allies during the Tournament of Power considering his deep hatred for them. It wouldn't be too surprising to see him betray them, right?

In fact, he even tried to kill Goku and join a different universe, which would've left Universe 7 with an insufficient number of participants. They would've been erased immediately had Frieza's plan had succeeded.

Since then, however, the circumstances have changed. He is now locked into the tournament as a fighter from Universe 7.

Betraying them during this event would be hugely disadvantageous for him. In order for him to win, he would have to be the sole warrior remaining by eliminating every single opponent from all 8 participating universes.

The main win condition of this tournament is the number of remaining fighters that a universe has. The single universe with the most still standing in the ring will be declared the winner and the only universe that won't be erased.

As much as he hates Goku and, to a lesser extent, the rest of his "allies," their mutual interests align. Based on what we've seen so far, Frieza, while he can be a bit hot headed in trying to kill Goku, does have long term plans.

In episode 99, after Universe 9 was erased due to losing all of their participants, Frieza looked at both the Zen-Ohs with disdain. He thought to himself that he would eventually rule over them.

If Frieza were to essentially commit suicide in order to secure his revenge against Goku, he would never be able to achieve his ambitious goal. It's not Universe 7 that needs to fear an act of betrayal from him...

Now onto some future spoilers. Information was revealed about episode 108 of Dragon Ball Super.

According to Shonen Jump, Frieza will be announcing that he will be working together with Frost to deal with their mutual hatred of the Saiyan race. This will end up putting Gohan in a tricky scenario.

I certainly would not be surprised to see Frieza attacking Gohan alongside Frost during the course of the episode. However, I think this would just be an act.

Frost will likely let his guard down around his "ally", allowing for an underhanded tactic that would be befitting of his usual behavior. He has no loyalty to his own father so seeing him betray his own race, even if it is a mirrored counterpart to himself, would not be beneath him.

As much as he hates Goku, I think his love for himself is the only emotion of his that outweighs it. To betray those that he has begrudgingly aligned himself with would be the same as doing harm to himself.

Not only this, but he has demonstrated that he actually fears Beerus, Universe 7's god of destruction. While Beerus wouldn't be able to act against him during the course of the tournament, he would probably be aware of the consequences after the fact.

Even if Frieza's long term goals suggest that he intends to be the ruler over the two Zen-Ohs (and Beerus as a result), this is probably not something he can achieve on this day. Overall, Frieza does seem intelligent enough not to carry out some betrayal towards his universe until he knows he can keep himself safe from such an act.

Had he became a fighter for Universe 9, for example, Goku would be dead and Universe 7 would be immediately eliminated. This would mean that he would only have to defeat six other teams rather than seven.

Trusting Frieza after everything was over with, however, would simply be foolish. Things will likely have to be settled with the long time villain later down the road.

With all this in mind, how are we expecting Frieza to act throughout the story mode of Dragon Ball FighterZ? Again, since he is an iconic villain, he is likely to take some sort of role here.

We could see Frieza allying with other villains as they share similar interests in destroying the Earth. Of course, this is only speculation my part; not much in the way of confirmed details have been given on Frieza's part of the story, if any at all.

I think it to be unlikely that he would have any reason to team up with heroic characters similar to how this tournament power even has temporarily caused an aligning of interests. Still, who knows what ArcSys is planning.

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