'The priority wasn’t protecting intellectual property, it was to tell the most compelling story possible' - MvCI script writer on game's narrative

Paul Gardner had more creative freedom from Marvel and Capcom than he expected

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 13, 2017 at 5:33 p.m. PDT

Marvel's Ben Chabala recently sat down with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Executive Creative Director Bill Rosemann and writer Paul Gardner for a little insider's information before the game drops next week.

The duo discuss some of their experiences over the last couple years in taking the game from a concept to a living, breathing entity.

Gardner specifically discusses the writing process for the game's story, (don't worry, it's spoiler-free) and the experience of conducting some of the most iconic characters across two huge pop culture franchises.

"I was surprised by how much freedom we were given, to develop the new universe, and explore the characters," said Gardner. "It was really liberating to be able to write for these amazing, iconic characters, knowing that Capcom and Marvel were there to give support if it was needed, and their feedback was always really thoughtful, and precise."

Capcom is responsible for some of the most well known titles and franchises in gaming history, and Marvel has catapulted from a fledgling comic book company to a film industry powerhouse. As such, one would expect some pretty heavy creative restrictions when dealing with icons from both franchises.

"Another surprise was how willing both companies were to take narrative risks with their characters. For example, during a read-through of the script relatively late in the writing process, Mike and Bill at Marvel came up with this great story beat that really helped create a sense of urgency and danger within the story.

I won’t say exactly what it is, but it really helps raise the stakes – if something like this can happen, then nobody is safe. And they did this with one of their most important characters."

That statement alone makes us even more excited to see what Infinite's story has in store for us.

"I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out structurally, but I went back to the outline, worked it through and wrote a new draft. It really had a big impact on the story as a whole, and made me appreciate how important story is to both Marvel and Capcom.

The priority wasn’t protecting their intellectual property, the priority was to tell the most compelling story possible. And it’s a reminder that there are always opportunities to make something better," he finished.

What are you predictions for the impact and execution of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's story? Let us know in the comments section.

There's plenty more to the interview, so head over to Marvel.com to read it all.

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