Adding second V-Triggers to Street Fighter 5 may prove a little more difficult than you'd think

Vesper Arcade speaks on the practicality and execution of an updated V-System

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 12, 2017 at 7:45 p.m. PDT

Recent weeks have heard a lot of talk about Street Fighter 5 gaining a whole new V-System, mainly propelled by the discoveries of data miner X-Kira.

The idea of a Super Street Fighter 5 coming out as an update to the current iteration of the game has been floating around for some time now, and it seems as though the community almost expects it to happen at this point, though no one is certain as to the specifics of what will be updated.

Vesper Arcade has created two videos now that focus on this matter, the most recent of which appears to cast some doubt on certain aspects of this new V-System coming to fruition like community members are imagining it to.

In terms of new V-Triggers, the closest thing to a hint that we've seen is a new animation stance for Ryu. It exists in the game files but is currently unused, and many speculate that it's going to be the animation for an Evil Ryu V-Trigger of sorts. It has been in the game for quite some time however, which could be seen as a strike against it being part of a more recently planned update.

As enticing as this sounds, and as promising as it looks on the surface, Vesper isn't all that convinced. In fact, there are some situations with certain characters where imagining a second V-Trigger would be difficult to do at all for various reasons.

Check out the video, and then let us know what direction you think Capcom will take SF5 in in the coming year.

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