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Infiltration (and Juri) win their first Capcom Pro Tour event of the 2017 season

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Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 10, 2017 at 9:02 a.m. PDT • Comments: 62

RZR|Infiltration has done the impossible (as he tends to do) and taken Juri to the next level by winning Manila Cup 2017.

The Korean Taekwondo fighter has been regarded as one of the lower tier characters in Street Fighter 5 for some time now, and as a result has seen sparse tournament representation.

Despite being the undisputed best at the start of SF5's life back in 2016, (he used Nash at the time) Infiltration has had a relatively rough time over the last year as he's searched for a new main character.

Having fallen to Gachikun in the first round of the top eight bracket, Infil surely had his work cut out for him as GFuel|Verloren, ZW|OilKing and Ponos|Moke stood in his path. Defeating each of them earned him the pleasantry of having to rematch Gachikun in grand finals from the disadvantageous losers side of the bracket.

That initial spark in momentum snowballed in no small way as victory came on swift wings. Juri and Infil disposed of their grand finals foe in six straight games, leading to a very decisive first place finish.

You'll see the final moments of the tournament in the clip below:

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Last week's Celtic Throwdown marked the very first Capcom Pro Tour top eight appearance for Infiltration this year. Before his win this weekend, he stood at 58th place with 240 points. We'll have to see how the dust settles with other events, but he leaves Manila with 400 points, which will likely land him around the 40th place mark.

This was a refreshing win for Juri players, no doubt, but one does have to question whether or not the character's newfound success will have any impact on Season 3 balance changes.

While there's been no official talk of the specifics of said changes for Juri or any other member of the SF5 roster, one would expect a character that failed to win a single CPT event would be one of the first in line for buff treatment.

One does have to wonder if Infiltration's victory will dampen said treatment. That said, Infiltration is fairly anomalous in that he's one of the absolute strongest players to touch the game. It'd likely take more than a single victory from an EVO champion to have a noticeable impact on balance decisions.

With this potential spark in momentum, we look excitedly forward to seeing how the Korean duo fare in this final leg of the 2017 Capcom Cup. Infiltration will have to earn a few more first place finishes if he's to qualify for the big dance in December, but with a Street Fighter resume like his, we wouldn't be surprised in the least to see that come to fruition.

Image source: Infiltration.
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