If Street Fighter 5 gets an updated V-System, what new V-Skills and V-Triggers should characters receive?

Good luck Balrog players

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 6, 2017 at 7:45 p.m. PDT

While we've heard nothing official from Capcom, word on the street is that Street Fighter 5 very well may be getting a total overhaul in the coming months.

Speculation of an updated V-System has been the talk of the town, and so we thought that while everyone's at it, it might be fun to go in with even further detail and talk about the specifics of brand new V-Triggers and V-Skills.

This is a group project, and so DreamKing and I are kicking things off by sharing our thoughts on our main characters (Abigail and Necalli respectively). After that, we'd like to hear you chime in to offer up your thoughts on V-Changes for the characters you play.

DreamKing on Abigail

V-Skill: Ground Pound - Abigail can struggle against characters who keep their distance. Because of this, I feel that a ranged attack could serve him well in certain matches.

Perhaps we could see him stomp his foot on the ground and create a shock wave that tags grounded opponents. Something similar to Necalli's V-Skill comes to mind.

Though this has potential to be too strong -- considering Abigail's fighting style revolves around being up close -- players must take into account that he would have to give up his default counter V-Skill, which would make his defense even worse.

But for those certain match ups, a way to keep up with fireball-heavy fighters could come in handy.

V-Trigger: Tire Toss - Keeping with the ranged attack motif, Abigail's alternate V-Trigger should grant him the ability to chuck large tires at the opponent. To turn the tide of battle, these projectiles should have multiple hits of durability (to plow through any fireballs that might be coming his way) and could be multi-purpose.

Imagine Abigail using tires to extend juggles, or to create tricky mix up situations when the opponent is downed. Given his damage output and the nature of Street Fighter 5, this would likely be a three-bar V-Trigger and would deplete a chunk of the meter with every tire use.

Raptor on Necalli

I'd like to preface this by saying that Necalli is one of the characters that probably doesn't need a new V-System, but for the sake of fairness, here's my two cents on him.

Necalli is a very well rounded character with a ton of different tools. While other characters can outshine him in any one avenue, he has decent abilities across the entire board.

Right now he's geared toward rushdown, with a V-Skill that helps him deal with fireballs and long-ranged play. His weakness is in his reach, as he has to be a little closer than a lot of other characters to get to his sweet spot.

With this in mind, I'd try to design his secondary V-moves so as to help him be scary from outside of sweep distance.

V-Skill: To replace ground pound, I'd give Necalli some sort of forward leaping attack that sees him pounce forward and knock down his foe, leading to an advantageous wake up situation. I'd make it negative on block so it would not be spam-able or a free get in, and design it to be used as a technique that gives him oki from mid screen.

The range would not be all that far, but players could use it to go through fireballs, though not normals. It would primarily be used to combo after a well placed poke in the neutral. Instead of buffering light Slash from standing or crouching medium punch, Necalli players could use this pounce instead.

V-Trigger: It's hard to imagine a Trigger more useful than Necalli's current one, but since we're looking at bettering position, I think something that sends foes straight to the corner would be appropriate.

In step with the V-Skill pounce, I'd want to give Necalli something that lets him bypass his weakness and puts him right up in his sweet spot. Perhaps a one or two-time use command grab leap that would carry opponents to the corner and allow for pressure would be best here.

Your turn. Chime in to the comments below with your inputs. We'll see about following up with a post about V-Reversals and Critical Arts in the near future.

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