Basic gameplay guide for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is a 2v2 fighting game and the latest installment in the Versus series.

While MvCI does follow the traditional format that the long standing franchise has been built upon, it also sees departures from and new additions for the sake of having a fresh look and feel.

Getting started with such a fast paced fighter can be a bit intimidating, but we've got a basics guide to help you be as ready and confident as possible.

Below you'll find all the commands for the essential mechanics and moves to get your MvCI experience started off on the right foot.

Controller Scheme

Infinite migrates away from its immediate predecessor (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3) and readopts the controller configuration of Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

There are four attack buttons: Reverse Fireball - Reverse Fireball - Reverse Fireball - Reverse Fireball -
and then a button for Active Switch as well as one for activating Infinity Surge. Any Kick - KAny Kick - K

Techniques, Universal Moves and Features

This section lists some techniques that are part of the game engine that you can use to become a better player at Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Utilizing these will help you capitalize on damage as well as escape from dangerous situations.

Any Kick - K
Active Switch

By pressing the third button on the top row of your arcade stick, you'll initiate Active Switch. This calls in your second character, giving you immediate control of them while your current character exits the stage after finishing any animations they may be performing.

MvCI is different from many other tag-based fighters in that it offers a relatively liberal approach on tag outs. You can do them at almost any time before losing a character.

Any Kick - K (Hold while being hit)
Counter Switch

This mechanic is new for MvCI, and allows players to tag their partner in while being hit with a combo. The trade off is that it will cost two full meters to do so.

Any Kick - KPlus - +Reverse Fireball -

Each character has a universal launcher move, mapped to crouching heavy punch. Every character also has a universal launcher combo: light punch, light kick, heavy kick, and crouching heavy punch.

Any Kick - K
Infinity Surge

This will activate the basic power of whichever of the six Infinity Stones you've chosen to play with, and will build the Infinity Gauge with successful utilization. (Infinity Gauge also fills from taking damage.)

Any Kick - KPlus - +Any Kick - K
Infinity Storm

When the Infinity Gauge is filled to any point beyond the halfway marker, you can activate your Infinity Storm comeback mechanic to greatly augment your battle plan. The effects of Infinity Storm vary from Stone to Stone.

Reverse Fireball - (Press repeatedly)
Auto Combos

To improve accessibility, the game includes an auto-combo system which allows players to mash the light punch button to automatically perform both ground and air combos. Each character has only one auto combo.

Reverse Fireball - Plus - +Reverse Fireball -
Super Combos

Super Combo commands are character specific, can be activated by simply pressing the two heavy attack buttons, as opposed to the specific joystick and button combinations required in previous titles.

Joystick Joystick or
Joystick Joystick or
Reverse Fireball - Plus - +Reverse Fireball -
(Can also be done in the air)
Dash and Instant Air Dash (IAD)

Pressing forward or backward twice will cause your character to leap forward or backward. This can also be done whilst airborne by pressing two punches (forward dash) or two punches + backward for a back dash.

Joystick or Joystick Joystick Reverse Fireball - (When close, can also be done in the air)
Throws and Throw Techs

Entering the command above will throw your opponent. To tech a throw, do the exact same motion.

Joystick Joystick
Super Jump

Like a regular jump but much higher, Super Jumps can save you from many trap scenarios. Press down and then quickly press up to jump at a much higher distance. If it isn't working, do the motion faster. Don't forget that nearly all the characters can jump again after a super jump.

You can also use the diagonal up-back or up-forward positions to Super Jump in those directions instead of directly up.

Joystick (During Super Jump)
Short Hop

By holding down during a Super Jump, you can cut the jump short and head toward the ground. This can be done any time during a Super Jump.

Any Punch - P Plus - + Any Kick- K (While in block stun)
Advancing Guard

Advancing Guard is a technique which pushes the opponent back and almost totally nullifies chip damage when blocking. It also helps you recover faster from block stun. Advancing Guard can also reflect non-beam projectiles. Press any two punch or kick buttons while in block stun to use Advancing Guard.

Using Advancing Guard also minimizes chip damage. Beware, aggressors can counter Advancing Guard by changing the timing of their attacks to allow defenders to come out of block stun, causing them to drop their guard altogether.

Universal Off The Ground

All characters in MvCI can perform an OTG move to foes that have been knocked down. To do this, simply perform a low hitting attack while your opponent is on their back to pop them back up. Each character has their own OTG move(s).

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