Most of our readers think Street Fighter 5 is taking a step in the right direction with the upcoming changes

DLC characters, Arcade Edition, and more still coming

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • October 21, 2017 at 5:38 p.m. PDT

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Earlier: Most of us are already aware of Street Fighter 5's rocky launch. It definitely scarred many people's perceptions of the game.

The single player content was quite lacking. The main mode for casual players to play at the time was... Survival Mode.

How about the online experience? Getting stables connections was definitely a lot harder back in the day and the servers felt very unstable at times.

It's also worth noting that the game launched with only 16 characters while missing a number of fan favorites. Expectations were a little high here considering Ultra Street Fighter 4's roster of 44 fighters.

There have also been a number of complaints regarding the actual gameplay. It has been said that the fighters don't really offer enough for players to express themselves.

What this essentially amounted to was it seemed like there wasn't enough room for players to grow. There was hardly a difference between the playstyles of a pro and a competent yet basic player while playing the same character.

Finally the art direction has had a way of miffing people. I'm sure we all know the deal about Ken's face...

The interface of the game just isn't memorable right now. Everything looks kind of plain.

Despite all this, Capcom never outright gave up on the game despite it not meeting sales projections. They continued to push out new content as they received feedback from the fans.

At this point, the game is approaching the end of the second year since its launch. So what has changed and what is going to change?

With the recent announcement of Zeku, we will soon have a roster of 28 characters. That's a number that feels closer to being a complete package than the original 16.

Character playstyles are also becoming more and more diverse. We're starting to see that players have the tools to better express themselves.

Menat, for example, isn't just another rushdown character like more of Season 1's cast. Her tools are very different based on where her crystal ball is.

Zeku, on the other hand, probably has the largest moveset of the entire franchise. He's two characters in one -- some players might prefer the old form while others will favor the young form.

With the announcement of Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition, we know that characters will have a selection of two different V-Triggers. If these are balanced properly, then we can see mirror matches where both players are using different V-Triggers.

As the name of the title suggests, we'll also finally being getting an arcade mode. While the free story DLC was fun, it would be nice to kick back and have access to more single player experiences with our favorite characters.

We'll soon see improvements to the interface as well. The game is going to have a new feel to it come January 16, 2018.

But is it all enough? Obviously, we as fans will always want more for the game...

Do you feel like Street Fighter 5 is headed in the right direction? Or does the game need more?

Is Street Fighter 5 heading in the right direction with its changes?

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2. No, the wrong things are being addressed for Street Fighter 5: 109 votes / 21.0%

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