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Captain Ginyu and Nappa revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ in new V-Jump scan

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • October 18, 2017 at 7:20 a.m. PDT • Comments: 140

Two of the more notable villainous faces from Dragon Ball have been confirmed to join the roster.

Although neither of them were the main villains of their arcs, it's hard to deny the lasting impact and iconic nature of both of these characters - the Saiyan warrior Nappa, and the leader of Frieza's eccentric special forces, Captain Ginyu.

The scan reveals that Nappa uses Saibamen, small warriors grown from seeds and perhaps best remembered as Yamcha's arch-enemies, within his moveset, as well as powerful blast moves to destroy his opponents entirely.

Captain Ginyu is perhaps best remembered for his strange Body Switch attack, used on Goku in the series, where he switches bodies with his opponent entirely. This technique is intact within the game, and will switch Ginyu's life bar and character with the opponent, so it's recommended for any potential Ginyu mains to brush up on your skills with other characters as well, just in case.

We can also see that Ginyu can call in Ginyu Force members in his moveset as well, specifically showing the gruesome Recoome coming in to assist his leader, which might throw a wrench into any hopes that Recoome himself would end up playable as well.

There have been reports that the game's Japanese release date has been solidified as February 1st, but we have yet to find any definitive source for this, so please take it with a grain of salt.

Continue below to see the scanned V-Jump page featuring these characters, and some more details on their strengths and weaknesses.

V-Jump Captain Ginyu and Nappa Reveal image #1
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Character Stats

Captain Ginyu
Power - 4
Speed - 2
Reach - 3
Technique - 4
Energy - 2

Power - 4
Speed - 1
Reach - 4
Technique - 3
Energy - 2

Thanks to Dude130, shinwar, Afterburn, alexlexus and Cael for sending this our way.

Story via Gematsu.

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